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July 9 Bless Your Heart


Monday, July 9, 2018

BYH to the complainer shaking his head at those who call for less hog farm pollution. Obviously it has not occurred to you that many of us don't eat dead animals and we don't want to smell them either just because some jerk wants to pack thousands of them into a building on a constant basis.

Please do your homework and a little research before commenting about hog farms. Smithfield Foods is wholly owned by WH Group of China and the pork produced here is exported to 40 countries, including China. So we get the pollution and they benefit monetarily.

I saw on the back of a dump truck a sign that said, "Stay back 300 feet." Now I know that state law dictates you must pull over for EMS, fire, police and pizza delivery drivers but I did not think we had to observe a 300 foot distance behind dump trucks. Might be easier all around if they covered their loads and did not sling out rocks, boulders and bricks onto my car. Just a thought.

With lottery money, traffic fees, and extra sales tax we pay on every single purchase made in the county, and taking the large percentage of our property taxes; why aren't our schools doing better? They get most of our money and several other revenue streams sent their way, BTHs. Maybe the teachers need to be working during the summers to earn their high salaries.

BYH to the increasing number of people who strive to maximize their gas mileage and save a few bucks by going no more than 55mph on the highways. I appreciate your concern for the environment, the economy, and the safety of everyone else but come on, I wish to go 70mph plus and you make me look bad.

It is generally accepted that in Shakespeare's play, "Julius Caesar," that the soothsayer said to Caesar, "Beware of the Ides of March." Local historians now claim that the soothsayer actually said, "Beware of stormwater runoff." Either way Brutus never did become mayor.

Did you know that "high-water pants" were invented as a result of stormwater runoff. Men had their pants hiked up a few inches so that when the stormwaters rose they would not get anchovies in their pant cuffs. And actually "high-water pants" are quite fashionable as they show off your high quality socks and hand made Italian shoes.

BYH, all you have sold is a slogan. And when Trump rushes into a crash with his trade wars and idiotic policies, I hope you can pay your bills with a bumper sticker slogan.

I will say one thing for President Trump. He is saying what many people think but are afraid to say because of liberal backlash. He may never win another race but he will always be my hero for keeping Hillary and Bill out of the White House. Bless him. Bless him indeed.

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