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July 10 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Bless the hearts of all the police officers that I met at the Fourth of July concert/fireworks downtown. You were kind and courteous and offered assistance to my elderly family member. The men in blue are truly the heros of our community.

BYH to the Chicken Little media yelling about Trump’s tariffs causing job losses. Nevermind the high tariffs on a lot of American exports and the American companies that may be helped by this. One steel mill just hired 350 people in anticipation of being allowed to compete. It’s common sense.

Thank you, Starbucks, for banning those awful plastic straws in two years but keeping your large plastic cups without providing any bins anywhere for recycling. It is just a symbolic drop in the plastic ocean bucket, but a positive one. Maybe more fast food companies will follow or beat your lead in reducing the harm their products do to our environment before it is too late.

The Tar River and Pamlico Sound are right now given high bacteria ratings from fecal matter (hog waste) and swimmers/fishermen have been given warnings. Doubt me? Go on the N.C. Water Resources Commission website and learn the parts per million of hog feces piled up in eastern N.C. rivers. It is time the people of eastern N.C. realize that companies with real jobs are not considering eastern N.C. because of this nasty problem.

No BYH to our president not doing any favors for our very national security by meeting with world leaders like Putin and insisting there are no American witnesses or even note takers, leaving us vulnerable to misunderstandings and deliberate misrepresentations of those meetings according to that country's advantage. The potential of those differing accounts of history alone dictates that those meetings at least be attended by note takers.

PCC may get awards for a nice place to work, but bless its heart, it does not get any award for easiest place to get lunch. Only the suicidal would dare walk, run, sprint or play Frogger from campus to any of the dozen or so places to eat across the road. Greenville has conspired with NCDOT to make this the most dangerous campus design ever unless you're willing to give up your precious parking space to drive 100 feet or so.

Bless your heart to the city for cleaning up the Uptown District so quickly after the Fourth of July festivities. We are thankful that you are truly focusing on making our beautiful city super!

BYH to all you political whiners. I remember when the BYH section had maybe one political submission every other day. Get off the computer, go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

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