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July 11 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Bless our hearts: We celebrate children being rescued from a cave in Thailand, but do not celebrate when an immigrant child is reunited with their family on our borders.

BYH to people comparing the Thai boys’ soccer team to the illegals who crossed our border. It is against the law to enter into the USA without the proper paperwork. Those Illegals’ children are being taken care of really well, a whole lot better than if in their own country. It would be nice to have them with their parents, but their parents broke the law. Children will be reunited! Do not let the Democrat legislators get you all worked up.

BYH, now we know why President Trump was elected — to name the Supreme Court nominee, this one and maybe another. Why do you think Justice Kennedy is stepping down! Because this is what the majority of the people want.

I remember sitting in the Kinston Rotary Club when the Global Transpark was announced. And I remember an N.C. State professor telling us that we would be flying frozen hogs to China. Can you imagine the price of a pork chop that has been air freighted from N.C. to China? I can hardly afford one picked up at the local grocery store. Men and their dreams?

Bless your heart to folks in one of Greenville's fancy neighborhoods whose residents apparently feel stormwater rules do not apply to them. How about you do your part and not dump your yard waste in the street, especially near storm drains? The rest of us are tired of the problems you carelessly create.

BYH not so much! When the sale of Duke Energy came up, Greenville Utilities, I guess, bought it under the idea that they told the people in North Carolina that that would be great and our utilities would go down. Well, that seems to be a joke because now we are paying for Duke’s coal ash cleanup! Duke should pay for their own cleanup with the money we paid them for the company. They should still be liable! Come on, Greenville Utilities, lawyer up on this one!

No BYH to breakfast restaurants charging $1.75 up to $2.50 for an 8 to 10 ounce glass of milk. Milk is $1.10 in stores now for a gallon (that's 128 ounces). What's that, an 1,150 to 1,500 percent markup? So people want something fairly healthy and wind up being completely gouged by greedy restaurants. And don't even start me talking about the price for a tiny bowl of grits with at least as much markup!

BYH to Justice Louis Brandeis, who said, “We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both.” With these right-wing justices and their Citizens United decreeing money is speech and should rule all, we may have lost the Great Experiment our Founders created.

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