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July 12 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, July 12, 2018

No BYH to Walgreens, which acquired Rite Aid and decided to close the store on the corner of Charles and 14th. I was shocked, given it was a great area to serve the people in Elmhurst and Englewood, not to mention convenient for all the ECU students. Once again, big business forgets its loyal customers. Understand ECU might buy the area. Hmmmm, another concrete parking lot? Shaking my head.

Trump would give Putin the entire European continent for all he cares. What hath thou wrought? No bless your hearts there.

Thank you to the few landlords and rental companies who are willing to rent to felons. My children and I still deserve a place to live. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Bless your heart to all those involved in the rescue effort of the boys in Thailand. The whole affair was handled well with primary concern for the boy's welfare and no grandstanding. If this had occurred in the United States, there would have been press conferences every 30 minutes and lawyers lined up looking for someone to sue.

Thank you teachers, for going above and beyond this summer. As many of you are unaware, school administration and support staff are 12-month employees; however, school teachers are 10-month employees. Regardless, I am overjoyed to see numerous cars in school parking lots as teachers prepare for the upcoming school year. That said, BYH to the person who wrote in about the lottery and teachers needing to work in the summer.

Thanks, Smiley, for leading the chess efforts and even putting your own personal money where your mouth is. Well done, sir. I doff my hat to you.

BYH and wallet to the person complaining about the outrageous mark-ups for milk and grits in restaurants, or as I call them, the “U pay for it all” stores. Greedy restaurant owners bleed patrons dry and still expect us to pay their employees’ salaries through socialist-inspired tipping! This must stop at once! Do not give your hard-earned money to some millenial who does nothing but run food and live waaay beyond their means because of idiots who tip. Not so sincerely, The Tightwad Tipper.

BYH to the person who cannot afford to pay for a bowl of grits or a glass of milk at a restaurant. Did you think it was a grocery store? Maybe you should split the grits and the milk with your wife. I'm sure she's also impressed with your $1 tip for a $20 ticket.

On July 10 we had a flat tire at the Food Lion parking lot at Bells Fork. Two woman from La Grange bought a fireplace from the Facebook Marketplace. Three men came to our rescue! It was a difficult task! Who says valor is dead? God bless you all from the bottom of our hearts!

BYH: one day, or Day One, you decide.

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