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July 13 Bless Your Heart


Friday, July 13, 2018

I remember when a frat boy "pinned" his girlfriend by giving his fraternity pin. To celebrate the event all the fraternity would go over to the girl's dorm that night and surround the young love birds while we sang to candlelight, "She is the dream girl of Pi Kappa Alpha." She cried, he cried, we all cried. I later learned that tears and love have much in common.

BYH, I can picture it now. After a few beers on the Town Commons, volunteer to help operate the tow rope ferry to get across the Tar River, then expect a tip.

No BYH for "socialist-inspired tipping." I have been a waiter since 1987. Being a single parent I need my tips for my three kids’ college tuition and living expenses. Stay home and eat, you curmudgeon.

BYH, socialism doesn't mean taking away wealth from those who work hard and giving it to those who don't. You are thinking of capitalism.

BYH, do you think Trump cares about the average $9,000 increase in the cost of new homes just since his tariffs took effect? Almost everything you enjoy will cost more because of the Trump trade wars.

I saw some folks I know the other day doing a commercial for Springshire. I am wondering since they appear in their 70s will they drive over the 10th Street Connector when they come? If so, bless their hearts. They need to hurry up with the projects.

All of public housing will be smoke free in a couple of weeks in the entire country. This is a great move by the Trump administration to make America healthier and great once again. BYH to ECU who still can’t find the leadership to ban smoking on campus and promote fewer students, staff and teachers dying of cancer.

A BYH to all those workers suffering from backtalk about how they work. Me too! This worker is fed up that other people can’t tell them what they’re doing wrong instead of blabbering to other workers. Be nice to each other. Please!

BYH to the dude worried about "note takers" in discussions between countries. I agree! I sure wish someone was there in Iran when Obama sold our country out.

To the BYH of disrespectful children — just why did you suggest the schools need to teach the children better? Excuse me, but they came into this world by way of their parents so obviously the parents need to be teaching them better, which you can see in this day and time is not happening

Bless politics. We are about to have a Supreme Court that prevents us from dealing with today's challenges, like the Supreme Court that tried to keep us in the Great Depression.

BYH, I'm convinced in this day of tribalism that people would vote for the end times, as long as it was their party that brought them on.

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