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July 16 Bless Your Heart


Monday, July 16, 2018

Bless your heart to the person promoting buying the lot at the corner of 14th and Greenville Boulevard. There’s already been mortgage companies and insurance companies across the street. The only one I can remember being extremely productive was Jennette Cox’s realty house. It’s the congestion at that corner that scares everyone. No bueno. Would love to see Sheetz on the other corner though.

BYH: Too much pounding the table in the Congress on both sides of the isle. But maybe the Republican pounding of the table actually made the Democrat side stand up and actually say something.

BYH Daily Reflector for your bias to Mayor P.J. Connelly cheerleading squad. There's plenty of citizens concerned about how he got elected, who he owes, and what he's doing and not doing. What about some balance with BYHs criticizing the mayor? Are you not getting them or are you just not being fair and balanced?

BYH to those in leadership at ECU Physicians who strive each day to allow Vidant Medical Group to take away the lives of many state employees — employees who have for years given their lives to meet the needs of the patients of eastern North Carolina. Thank you for doing this in private, allowing those in staff positions to only gain updates from the rumors and news. Thank you for striving to take away employee benifits that have been given through longevity in a state position. YES, when we applied and qualified for a state position we did expect 30 years.

If the Russians really did keep Hillary and Bill out of the White House then we should not be prosecuting them. We should be giving them the Medal of Freedom.

BMH, I sat with my anger long enough, until she told me her real name was grief.

Well bless my heart, it is truly idiotic and dangerous to threaten to dissolve NATO or weaken it. It is not just to protect Europe from Russia like Trump keeps saying. We have strategic bases in those countries, and if we need to defend a place like Israel or anywhere in the region for that matter, there is only so much we could do from battleships. Where is the bottom to this ignorance?

BYH, the more I watch and listen to Trump supporters, the more frightened I am for our country, that these people were responsible for who is in power. I can't help but think what they would be saying if it was Obama rather than Trump at the center of these stories, the trade wars, the Russian connections, porn star payoffs, alienating our allies, and on and on and on.

Just to let you know, there are very strict rules regarding asylum in the U.S., and just migrating across the border ain't one of them. Odds are that less than 1 percent will qualify, bless their hearts.

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