Bless your heart to the state legislature for your allowing college Id's for voter identification. Likely 99% of all...

July 17 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bless your heart to the Town Common midweek summer concerts, No BYH for saying the summer series is over when summer has just started! Keep a good thing going!

Driving around our city with my husband the other day, we couldn't help but notice all the construction throughout our community. Greenville truly is moving forward and we are both ecstatic to see the future.

Bless your heart, Ayden. If you reduce your police car fleet, what will happen to the police car always parked in the Food Lion/Bojangles’ parking lot? Saving taxpayer money and being fiscally responsible has unintended consequences.

Bless your heart to the person who erroneously thinks that President Obama sold out the U.S. to Iran. The Iran nuclear deal framework of 2015 was negotiated over two years by the U.S. and many other countries, including Russia, China and the European Union. The $400 million that the U.S. returned to Iran was money that had been paid in advance by the government of the Shah of Iran for U.S. military equipment that was never delivered after the 1979 Iranian revolution.    

Bless your heart to all the submissions from the Trump haters. Get over it. Hillary lost and the country is in the best hands we have seen in decades. Bless your crazy hearts.

Whether Democrat, Independent or Republican, all United States citizens need to be worried about what secrets Trump may have given away to Putin in their meeting. No one took notes. We will not be informed of what happened (unless Putin tells us, probably), but you can bet that Trump has given something away in return for nothing. This man is dangerous to all of us, not just to Democrats. Get a clue, folks.

We finally have a President with a backbone who will stand up to our so-called allies and expect them to pay their fair share that the American taxpapyer has been burdened with all these years and I think that is a wonderful thing. We finally got someone who will stand up for America.      

Bless your heart to the Tropicana Supermarket in Grifton. You had a very nice event for our town. There were a lot of people out on July 7. Hopefully, they will continue to support you. For awhile we didn’t have a supermarket. Now we do.

Bless your heart, Greenville City Council for meeting off camera and in "pre" council meetings when it's hard for the public to attend. Are you hiding something for the dark money superPAC that got you elected?

Bless your heart to the Greenville Recreation and Parks Department for having Guy Smith Stadium looking great for the Babe Ruth State Tournament. It was obvious a lot of hard work went into the preparation for the 12 teams competing. Hats off to all involved!

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