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July 18 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

As someone who has lived in Greenville for five years now, thank you to everyone involved with the Wednesday concert series. My fraternity brothers and I had a blast listing to live music and being able to drink a cold beer. We all left saying if we can find jobs, we're staying in Greenville.

Bless your special hearts to the lady who took my frantic call on July 7. Also to the gentleman and two ladies with Eastern Pines Rescue. I will never forget you all helping my husband. God bless all of you.

BYH, so our president sided with ex-KGB head and dictator of Russia against our own intelligence agencies. Does this mean we officially joined the axis of evil?

BYH to the lady who had 59 doses of Percocet and 59 doses of Oxycontin. My one and only question is how and why were you in possession of that much painkiller medicine? My poor mom is in agony almost every day and can’t get a pain pill from no doctor. Maybe the Greenville Police Department should check into this?

Bless your heart, during the election Trump said the “poorly educated” love him. Now I know what he meant.

Bless your heart to State Treasurer Dale Folwell. Your lack of understanding of healthcare and relationships is only surpassed by your ego and belief that you know better. Arrogant, assertive, and ill-informed is no way to carry out the work of your office as servant of the state.

In regard to Russia and Putin: Benjamin Franklin said love your enemies, but don’t go pulling down your fences.

In order to save money for the state, the GOP eliminated the collective purchasing of mosquito spraying chemicals. Now only the wealthy counties pay to spray to kill mosquitos to private businesses for the very wealthy people. The rest of us just hope that the bugs don't want to bite or sicken us poorer or more rural folk. No BYH to the fat cats of Raleigh.

BYH to RJ’s Famous Chicken, Bar-B-Que & Ribs on Memorial Drive in Greenville. They have the best food at reasonable prices and the most courteous and patient staff anywhere in Greenville. If you haven’t tried them, you are missing out on some good home-cooked food.

Bless my heart, and wish me luck. I'm trying to operate from my highest angels. So what do the highest angels do when confronted with the devil?

A big thank you to whoever painted huge crosses on the manhole cover-induced potholes on the newly paved Greenville Boulevard. At least now we can see these divots easy and swerve to avoid them. It would still be interesting to learn which DOT engineer approved this project with such obvious mistakes made, that thousands of cars pay for everyday.

BYH, enough with the spectacle. Now is the time to look within yourself. Do the right thing.

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