Bless your heart to the state legislature for your allowing college Id's for voter identification. Likely 99% of all...

July 19 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Bless Your Heart, River Park North! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful resource in our city. Thank you for all you do to help families enjoy nature and each other.

Bless our hearts, America. Finally, Republicans and Democrats united! Both sides of the aisle are calling out Donald Trump for bashing our allies and appearing to side with Putin (a former KGB officer) over the United States’ intelligence agencies. Democracy is unraveling rapidly! Both parties need to rally and stand up for what is best for our country

BYH to Thom Tillis and Walter Jones. Why don’t they go ahead and put a “D” behind their names? They’re no more Republicans than nothing. I don’t vote for either one of them anymore and I’m a Republican.

BYH to the United States of America and to every citizen who has been betrayed by the president of the United States to the president of Russia. Our country has a president who is treasonous. The U.S. Congress needs to step up to the plate and eradicate by impeachment the curse that has befallen this land.

Bless our hearts, the town of Grifton. We are hearing rumors about a black bear roaming around here. You would think something this serious would be advertised on the news or in our local papers. So far it hasn’t. We’ve only heard about it from a few people in the community. Everyone should be made aware of this situation.

No BYH to PGV Airport which elected to not use jet bridges for passengers. After The Daily Reflector made a big article about all jet service, but they refused to use jet bridges, so we still go down stairs and climb steep steps into a plane and when arrives, we climb down steep stairs. Pathetic American Airlines and our local PGV, folks.

Bless your heart, the decision for public housing to go smoke-free was made in November 2016, which predates the Trump administration.

BYH to the intoxicated DOT worker who painted the wavy yellow lines on N.C. 33 near Simpson.

I see the 10th Street Connector is nearing completion. Another three years to paint the lines and we will be on our way, Bless their hearts.

BYH, on Saturday I went to the Sam’s Club in Winterville to pick up some things to assist at a shelter. While I was there, I was looking at some shorts. There was a gentleman who had his shorts in his basket and I couldn’t find the size that I needed. He gave me the shorts out of his basket because he said he already had that color. He also gave me the money to pay for them. I wish and I pray that this world could be like him. I’ll never forget what happened. If you want to know whether it was a black or white thing, yes, but it wasn’t a black or white thing between the two of us. It was humanity. And love. That is what is going to get us over — love each other.

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