BYH, Trump. Did you think it would be that easy? That you could just be installed by Putin and his oligarchs, live a...

July 21 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, July 21, 2018

This is a special BYH to the pretty lady who tracked me down outside of the store to give me my cash back at the self checkout register. Thank you for your integrity.

Blessings to GPD. You’re doing good things for our community. I'm especially thankful for the traffic enforcement task force. Hopefully, drivers will learn patience, attentiveness and common courtesy — after getting a ticket or two.

I noticed the article where two Texas fugitives were busted in a Winterville home did not list the writer of the article. Of course they were just slamming Winterville knowing that Sterling Pointe is miles from Winterville in the Greenville city limits! The writer did not notice that they wrote the Greenville police arrested them. 

Sterling Pointe is, indeed, in Greenville. We try to be very careful of the Winterville-Greenville divide — South Central High School is in Greenville not Winterville, for instance — but this one slipped through the cracks.

BYH, media. Let me get this straight. There is strong evidence that Putin helped Obama in his 2012 election. Remember the “wait till after the election and I will have more flexibility” to the Russian president, the “do not cross this line” demand drawn with invisible ink and the stand-down order given to investigators looking into Russian meddling in the 2016 election? And now everyone is concerned that Trump is trying to get along with Putin. But now it’s bad? Who knows? He may be saving us from WWIII.

BYH, Trump voters, the NRA, and Iraq war supporters. You may have IQ's of 150-plus, but if you cannot discern when you have been duped, you need to develop your thinking skills.

Bless your heart to those who order take out from local restaurants but never tip. As servers, we make a living off tips — not our paychecks. Be mindful and respectful of those serving you. If you only have enough money for your meal, there’s a McDonald’s on every corner in Greenville.

BYH, Daily Reflector. If the people of Greenville want to find out that Greenville Tar Heel Little League Ages 10-11 team played and won the North Carolina Little League Ages 9-11 State Tournament final, you have to get a Wilson Times or Google it and get the online Wilson Times because the hometown paper of Baseball City didn’t cover it. Way to go, Daily Disappointment! 

BYH, N.C. State Highway Patrol. I just got home after driving on the 264 Autobahn. I was going around 75 and was continually getting blown off the road by other drivers. Is it true that the highway patrol only works football games now?

Something good has happened at City Hall. Someone got it right to complete the paving in the city streets before the schools start at the end of August.

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