BYH to those who make socialism a dirty word. You do know that Social Security and Medicare are examples of socialism....

July 22 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, July 22, 2018

BYH to the companies that state you cannot get a raise due to you have capped out of your position. You cannot put a cap on a dependable loyal employee! These employees are becoming extinct!

Bless our hearts, it's no wonder the police can't keep up with the criminals. “...arrested and charged with possession with the intent to sell and deliver marijuana ... drug paraphernalia and carrying a concealed weapon ... He was released on an unsecured bond.” I read similar, and worse, all the time. Wow! Let's just give them a pass so they're always a step ahead.

I joined a neighborhood message board. Most all of the posts are about lost dogs and cats. And amazingly enough all of the lost pets are friendly and well behaved. I guess using my lawn as a public toilet does not count.

BYH to the people who don’t support teachers, No 30-year teacher is bringing home $98,411. What is wrong with you? Please educate yourself and ask around from teachers who are teaching in Pitt County before you start bashing. What do you do? Sit at home while your husband works and your children go to school? Oh — school with a teacher!

Question: At this point in America, can Trump supporters say this country is great again? Are you rich now or still struggling? Now that illegal immigrants are being deported, do you now have overwhelming job opportunities? Just wondering.

BYH America! How come you never hear about unemployment rates, gross national product and economy statistics? It's because they are all doing great! The news channels tell you what they want you to hear. You are like putty in their hands, clueless people. Keep up the good work, POTUS!

Thank goodness we may soon have truth in future food labeling and remove "milk" from almond milk cartons since nuts don't produce milk. I guess that means we'll have to change the name of "French fries" since they don't come from France (Walter Jones Jr. already legally changed the name at the House of Representatives) and "hot dogs" since they don't come from dogs ... I think.

BYH, City of Greenville leaders. Can't wait for the toilet paper ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Town Commons public restrooms. You could all wave bowl brushes and I can hear the thunderous roar of the synchronized official first flush for all the gathering crowds to cheer! Will magazines be provided as well?

"Bless my heart" to my Daily Reflector delivery lady. This morning she drove up my driveway, tossed my paper into my carport while making a U-turn and tooted her horn as she got back on the the road! Wow! I ran out to wave at her. Sure hope she saw me. A most kind deed for this very senior citizen! (Of course, she has done this before!)

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