BYH, be mindful of your self talk. Its your conversation with the universe....

Aug. 9 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, August 9, 2018

A great big BYH to Brent Harpe and the City of Greenville for their Camp Escape for kids/teenagers with disabilities. Brent and staff did a wonderful job and the kids had an amazing time. Thanks for your commitment and love for those that sometimes may be overlooked. I am truly proud to call Greenville my home.

Bless your heart to the cafe in Grifton. We need more places to eat. I wish you much success with your restaurant.

BYH, there won't be a Red Wave in November unless you realize the Democrat platform is open borders to all, blatant socialistic policies, controlling opposition free speech and advocating the decline of the value of the Constitution and basic moral principles. Open your mind.

The recent county salary increase in not the problem. It's the effect it will have when it bumps up their retirement checks. Time to freeze and eliminate government employee pensions like the private sector has been doing for years. We cannot afford future pensions at current rates.

BYH, I'd rather be American than Republican.

BYH to the Pitt County Board of Commissioners who were instrumental in offering a plan for subdivision homeowners to repair their roads. Taxpayer funds are not being used as the homeowners are paying the full cost of the repairs. Thank you commissioners!

Bless Your Hearts, Greenville Traffic Safety Task Force. The citizens are anxiously waiting for some results. Where are your recommendations? This ain't brain surgery!

BYH righteous want-to-be. It you enjoy destruction of history because you think these statues are symbols of treason, hate, oppression and servitude you have not studied history. Those people fought and died for a cause they believed in, not for slavery, as most did not have slaves. The right to have the states decide what needed to be done, not the federal government. Let the dead rest and stop pressing for more division!

Whoever is responsible for the grass, litter and fences from Red Banks Road on 14th Street up to Southeast Greenville Boulevard. Please take care of this area. It looks like the slums and this is another way into East Carolina University. Please bless our hearts on this side of town, mow the grass, pick up the trash and repair the fences at Heritage Village.

BYH to Judge Cole. You are such a breath of fresh air in the courthouse.

BYH Greenville Fire-Rescue. It’s so sad to hear about the high turnover rate and low morale. Maybe the leader/s should try leading by example but please don’t use the POTUS as your example. Love and compassion might be a good starting point, no bullying!

Yay! Evans Street is getting paved! What's next?

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