Bless all of our hearts. When did we all lose ourselves and become hateful, angry, argumentative people with no respect...

Aug. 23 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bless your heart to the nice lady I met today in Greenville at the ENT office on Hopkins Drive. It was cold in the back office where we were sitting and she went to her car to get her jacket and came back in with a nice warm throw for me to use. Thank you! There are still some nice people in this world.

BYH, Kandie, for standing up against the gangs and fighting the powers that be. We see what you're doing. BTHs of those who don't.

BYH to the ICE agents for keeping all our Hispanic and other communities safe. The informed people really, really appreciate all you are doing and continue to do for "all" our Homeland Security.

BYH to all the new residents living in our Uptown. Seeing parking lots full of cars and pedestrians walking the sidewalks gives me the feeling I am living in a city. All we need now is for the oversized chess board to be complete in front of the Shepherd Memorial Library so we can make Greenville great again.

If there are enough negative BYH comments about our new mayor does that mean he must step down and hand power over to the loser? Or does it mean the loser is a bad sport? Wipe those tears from your eyes and move on like a Phoenix rising from the new footbridge.

Bless Melania Trump’s heart. Does she even understand how ironic her anti bullying campaign is? She is married to the most egregious offender around!! How can anyone take her seriously?

BYH, NCDOT, for being so cheap with some white paint on 10th Street. With so many ECU students walking across all parts of 10th Street where you installed curb cuts (plus jay walkers,) why are there not more painted crosswalks? You do not seem to want to lower the speed limit down to a safer 20-25 m.p.h., but please value their lives over the cost of paint and paint a few crosswalks so they all can be safe, BYH.

Bless your heart to Will Bell’s liquor policy initiative at the Town Common. The idea of a twenty-something wine and spirits salesman pushing for the Town Common to have a liquor license smells all too fishy. Keep the Tito’s out of the Tar!

BYH to UNC Chancellor Carol Folt if the Board of Governors’ investigation finds that you were involved in ordering the campus police to stand by and do nothing while state property was vandalized. The only thing that needs to be removed from the campus is you.

BYH GPD! Do we have a James Comey chief? Our police department should never be, or even thought to be, influenced by politics or politicians. This is your "Comey moment," Chief Holtzman. Are you a true police chief or a scared politician?

BYH to Thomas Paine, who said, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.

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