Bless our hearts as Edmund Burke quoted: The only thing necessary for the triump of evil is for good men(and women) to...

Aug. 24 Bless Your Heart


Friday, August 24, 2018

BYH to children who refuse to see the good in their parents. Parents are providers of wisdom to help their children in life. Children must grow up, but parents will always provide wise words until they are gone, then it is to late to hear their words anymore. Grasp your parents’ words while you can.

Bless your heart to those who continue to destroy our history monuments. Read the history about how the Civil War started because it wasn't about slavery. The people who are doing this have never been a slave. I think instead of causing riots you should volunteer to do something more rewarding for the public.

BYH #45, for upholding your promise to drain the swamp. Who knew you would use Mueller to do it?

Bless your heart to the Pope. Why have the sex offenders in the Catholic Church not been removed from the churches as priests? They should all face a court judge, and pay the price. Let them repent, and ask God to forgive them. First they should be removed at once, and a house cleaning should be done. They should not just talk about it.

Bless your heart to the cyclist who was riding illegally on the sidewalks of Greenville and then went off and crashed into an ECU bus, injuring another student in the process. Learn to follow the law, keep bikes off sidewalks and in the road where they belong. BYH ECU and GPD for never enforcing this law or educating students about it. Your failure failed these students.

BYH Greenville Utilities for having strange men wander around on my back deck early in the morning without bothering to knock first. Is it so hard to let someone know you will be on their property? An automated email or call can't be that difficult to send out.

Bless your heart to North Carolinians. You have successfully elected Supreme Court justices who think they are legislators. So much for all the hoopla about judicial offices to be non partisan. Looks like voters need to pay better attention to who they elect as judges since the judicial folks want to run the government. Why not elect a three-person panel to run the state and save tons of money. This will make voting easier.

I favor censorship of Facebook posts which show the specimens with extremely white teeth. Those fake smiles with those extra bright teeth are a little too much. Tone it down a little. Know when to quit. Old people with extra bright teeth remind me of those rabbit teeth we got at Easter.

Photo IDs are now required to enroll children in schools in Wilson. This is a great idea and one that Pitt County should adopt so that we can get services appropriately in the appropriate areas to those who are living here legally.

Bless your heart to the guy that taught me the word “more.” It means a lot.

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