BYH to Greg Murphy who seems to never have met a government healthcare program he didn't want to expand....

Aug. 25 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, August 25, 2018

I love the Greenville Police Department and they are great. All the officers are so friendly and kind when I see them in public and the other day one officers assisted me with my grocery bags as I struggled to get to my car.

Who is writing all these negative BYHs on the mayor? Didn't your mother teach you if you cannot say anything nice, don't say anything at all? You are doing a superb job, Mr. Mayor.

I just moved into University Edge and I absolutely love it! This new apartment is everything I could ask for and my parents were so happy to move me into this spectacular development. The staff went above and beyond to help us as we moved in and my parents were thoroughly impressed with how much the city has changed for the better in the last year.

Thank you to the new council for having the roads repaved for the first time in decades. I cannot believe for years we focused on building paths in the woods over fixing our road system. Glad these new council members are focusing on priorities.

Bless the heart of our city and thank you for bringing Parmalee to Freeboot Friday for the Carolina game. My Chapel Hill friends are now planning to come down of Friday to stay for the concert and spend the night here in Greenville. This will be an excellent boost for our economy!

No BYH to GOP hypocrisy. Every Republican senator and congressperson still around who justified their impeachment vote against Clinton are now singing from the other side of their mouth when it comes to the standards they hold this president to.

Bless your heart to the person who chose to point a finger at the teen golfers in Brook Valley who were riding golf carts to play the game. At least they were outside, playing golf and socializing face to face. Most teens are inside, playing video games and texting. Sadly, you failed to see the positive ... maybe you missed out on this, too.

What did we ever decide about drinking whiskey down at the Town Common? Would love to see a rope swing so that the drunks could swing out over the Tar and drop in. We did that as young men over on the Neuse River back in the 1950s.

Bless the hearts of Americans who say they don’t care what kind of person Trump is as long as the economy is doing well. Didn’t the American people learn their lesson with Bill Clinton? The American people deserve a leader with character and a moral compass. Surely we can have that and a thriving economy?!

We finally got the animal cracker box changed and men in the women's bathroom. All we have remaining is to rid the world of the male and female classification and storm water runoff will be cured.

MAGA. My Attorney Got Arrested.

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