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Aug. 26 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, August 26, 2018

On Wednesday three angels came to help an 80-year-old woman whose car wouldn’t start in the parking lot at Walmart on Greenville Boulevard right in the way of cars coming in and out. Two gentlemen came over and gave me a jump start. I failed to get their names. The other gentleman, Steve, followed me to Hastings Ford. He didn’t want me to get stranded again. I am blessed and so truly thankful that there are still so many good people in this world. 

God bless Luisa Haynes, the wonderful teacher at J.H. Rose High School. She is an exemplary educator and she has a heart of gold. She loves her students as if they were her own children, and she continues to follow them after they graduate. What a blessing she is! I hope this is your very best year yet, Mrs. Haynes. Rose is a better place because you are there, and we so appreciate how you love the students.

BYH to the BYH about the complaints about Mayor Connelly. From what I can figure, it seems to me that a mayor will get fewer complaints if they operate with integrity, make decisions and recommendations that are good for the overall city, and do not bow down to their large contributors with personal agendas. If the "complaint fits," then fix your behavior!

Nobody, and I mean nobody, is enforcing the new 100 feet from the building smoking rule at ECU. I doubt they would endorse or enforce a smoke-free campus.

BYH GPD for finally starting to enforce the school speed zones. Please remember to enforce the one on Greenville Boulevard in west Greenville. Nearly everyone ignores the 40 mph limit during the school day.

BYH South Hall and City Council. I am sure all of us who live in the Evans Street/Old Tar area can’t help but think how much we appreciate having to put up with huge lines of traffic every day in the morning and afternoon for two extra years because of that wonderful wall. Politics!

You do realize you are paying the premiums for the uninsured drivers out there. And after getting hit by one I have found they have more rights and more representation than you. In this case, walking on the dark side seems to have benefits. They probably got oceanfront beach houses you are paying the insurance on as well. I can't seem to catch a break.

I missed those folks who used to set up their tents here in Greenville and sell Georgia and South Carolina peaches. They did not come this year and I heard they were fearful of the big black bear who roams the Brook Valley Shortcut. From what I hear he is friendly unless it starts raining and the creek begins to rise.

Bless your heart to our children going back to school. Let’s make this a good year. Bless the entire Pitt County Board of Education staff.

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