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Aug. 27 Bless Your Heart


Monday, August 27, 2018

BMH, I'm sorry, but getting old is affecting my memory. Could someone remind me — Why are we still in Afghanistan?

Dangerous drivers continue to run red lights in Greenville and are fined by camera evidence. Fines benefit the public schools. Dangerous drivers continue to speed in school zones and risk killing children. Why don't we use the fine funds to build speed bumps in all school zones thereby protecting children and reducing dangerous drivers in our area?

BYH to the aggressive motorists on U.S. 264/13 who refuse to slow down, share the road, and pass cyclists, mopeds, and farmer tractors with care and at least four feet of distance. I love the cyclists out there who are riding with flags reminding people not to hit and kill them. Pass carefully and share the road, it is there for all of us even if NCDOT builds them so narrowly that we have to share the same space.

Greenville as you repave Evans Street and and Arlington Boulevard, please do not forget to complete the sidewalks and make them ADA accessible for wheelchair users. The civil rights laws have required these since 1990 and we're long over due. Adding paint for bike lanes would also be great so that cars will be slowed down by them less.

Another wonderful Sunday in the Park completed and I'm sorry to see the season end. Thank you city leaders for offering this stellar series for us seniors that look forward to the weekly entertainment.

This BYH is addressed to the people that want the Town Common to apply for a liquor license. I thought the premise of this area was to have quality time with family. Are you saying you can't have quality time without a drink in your hand?

Our East Carolina Pirates are picked by the odds makers as favorites over North Carolina Agriculture and Technology. I'd suggest closing the Farmer's Market just in case.

Bless our hearts, let's all pull for the Pirates this year and get the team back on track. Greenville bleeds purple and gold and when we win, our city is green with money. Go Pirates!

BYH Donald Trump. Special Counsel Mueller may be hunting for witches, but he sure is finding a lot of criminals.

Guilford Public Schools water taps just tested highly positive for lead. Since requiring all schools to be tested for lead have yet to pass in N.C., it makes me wonder how safe Pitt County Schools water is for drinking, washing hands, or cooking. 

BYH to ECU's Lifelong Learning Program for providing interesting free or low cost classes for older adults! It's a great way to stay active and involved and meet interesting people!

BYH, you cannot run from your problems. Because, no matter where you go, you take them with you.

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