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Aug. 28 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

BYH to the wonderful couple who helped me load gravel into my vehicle at Lowe’s last week....makes me realize that there are still kind, caring people in our community. You are much appreciated.

BYH to the dwindling attendance at the Sunday in the Park Concert Series. After attending the Wednesday night summer concert series and drinking a few beers with my work buddies, I’m no expert on events but I think the city needs to re-evaluate spending money on Sunday in the Park. There is absolutely no comparison in the crowds and the music for these events.

BYH to The Reflector. Red light cameras were not first installed in 2017. They were installed and taken down years ago because the fines had to go to the school board and not the city. Instead of a constitutional amendment before the voters, the legislature approved legislation usurping the constitution and the will of the people.

We hear so much of folk tearing down Confederate symbols that commemorate those who died in the war for state's rights … often called The Civil War. I never hear of Northern monuments being torn down. Surely there are some Northern monuments. Does that mean Northern folk are bereft of the same grief us Southerners remember and continue to feel as we show our respect to our Confederate soldiers?

BYH to the dozens and dozens of cyclists out riding the roads of Winterville, Ayden and Farmville this weekend in various groups. I must have seen so many people out there brave enough to pedal around on roads that have no facilities or lanes at all. Y'all are brave and inspirational. 

BYH former Councilman McLean Godley and Chief Mark Holtzman for installing the four cameras in the grid. It was because of these cameras that Greenville Police were able to identify and arrests both suspects who robbed the two ECU students near campus. This was a great use of taxpayer money put to use to protect ECU students in the grid.

Time to ban video games which lead to violent behavior. Take away the Xbox and give the kids a push mower or a bucket and rag for washing cars. Get the kids off the video games and back out in the fresh air.

BYH to the officials who refuse to fix the deep dip on the railroad track in front of K&W restaurant. You are killing my car. Look after your medical community. You might need them one day.

BYH, I don't know what uninsured drivers you are paying for their insurance, but most of us don't pay for other people’s insurance. We do carry insurance to protect us from uninsured and underinsured drivers. We pay for our own insurance, not others. Talk to your insurance agent. He will explain it to you. Tell him the BYHs sent you!

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