BYH to Greg Murphy who seems to never have met a government healthcare program he didn't want to expand....

Aug. 29 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Thank you to the city for fixing the train trestle on Charles Boulevard. I remember when it was painted over 10 years ago, and I am thankful our Pirate supporters will see this community symbol as we support the 2018 football pirates. Thank you, city leaders.

BMH. I'm not sure what pulling down all the Confederate monuments achieves. Does it mean the Civil War never happened? I sure can rest easier.

BYH Governor Cooper! Can you tell us one thing you have accomplished without going to court!

I asked my insurance agent if I could refuse to pay for the uninsured motorists, and he told me, “No!” So I am paying for the guy who gets in a car with no insurance and rams into me. Duh.

BYH, it's all vodka, meaning it should be legal to “catch a buzz” or it shouldn't. It's not the substance that should be illegal, it's the actions, like creating a disturbance or operating a vehicle while impaired. Release all nonviolent criminals and replace them with those who committed crimes with guns. That is, if “liberty” is a real concept.

Another day, another cyclist gets hurt in Greenville. When will enough blood be spilled by pedestrians and bike riders before our city gets serious about a vision zero or complete street program that make our roads safer for all users?

BYH. Pitt County Animal Shelter. The community did well to adopt all dogs from the PetSmart event the other week. As a community we would do well through HOAs to not discriminate against the size of dogs who by no fault of their own were born into a society of people ready to discriminate against their size.

Bless the hearts of disrespectful people who throw trash in people's yards during the Winterville Watermelon Festival. Also, who are the geniuses that thought having an obnoxiously loud event in a residential area for four days was a good idea?

Bless your heart to The Daily Reflector's editors for allowing the Bless Your Heart section to become the mayor’s and the new council members’ personal printing press. By now you must know that these nonstop pro Greenville Jobs Now candidate BYHs are coming from them personally.

Mayor Connelly doesn't have to write his own Bless Your Heart submissions. We finally have a mayor that does his job and people like myself take time out of my day to thank him for his service to the city.

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