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Aug. 31 Bless Your Heart


Friday, August 31, 2018

Bless your heart to the gentleman who paid for our lunch again at the K & W on Aug. 21.

We enjoyed the first day of the picture of the black swallowtail caterpillar, and yet again yesterday he was there. Perhaps we are going to be subjected to the process of him turning into the real butterfly. Is that what’s happening? Bless your heart.

BYH to The Daily Reflector. We’re about two months away from election day and it’s easy to tell by the constant liberal bias in The DR these days. Oh — and Google is definitely manipulating search results by stacking anti-Trump (and anti-American) fake news sites at the top of its algorithm results.

Bless my heart, can anyone explain what John McCain did so great? A senator who ran and lost for the presidency twice, was once mired in financial scandal and did a lot less in the Vietnam war than thousands of unsung heroes did and were spit on by their own countrymen when they returned. Bottom line, he was a below-average politician who died.

BYH to insurance Duh. You don't pay for other people’s insurance when you buy uninsured motorist coverage. You are buying insurance to protect you against people with no insurance. Just like you buy locks on the doors of your home. You are protecting yourself from thieves. Sadly, there are bad people out there.

BYH, the UNC Silent Sam pedestal should be left empty as a tribute to the intolerance of the liberal left to any viewpoint but their own.

BYH to those who take their lives in their hands by riding the streets of Greenville on a bike. I was raised in the "country" and I enjoyed riding my bike. But I was mindful of traffic and didn't ride in streets where traffic was heavy. Today it seems that the more congested and narrow the road, the more determined cyclists are to ride among the traffic. If I wanted to get my exercise by riding a bike today, I would find somewhere else than busy streets to ride.

BYH to the Greek life fraternity and sorority students cleaning up their neighborhood of trash. Thanks. Now, we hope they'll "clean up" using misinformation to decide who they'll come out in droves and busloads to vote for in our local city elections. Shame on the adults in our city who gave them the misinformation about certain candidates.

Bless the heart of our mayor. He showed up at the Drew Steele Center to welcome back the Jackie Robinson All Stars who returned from competing in Baltimore. My son was so impressed that the mayor took time out of his Sunday to welcome everyone back after the long trip.

A great big bless your heart to all law enforcement. Looks like law enforcement gets more bad press than do the criminals. Ask yourself one question, "Who you gonna call?"

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