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Sept. 1 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, September 1, 2018

Bless the heart of the person who submitted Wednesday’s entry about watermelon festival trash. Yes, everyone should pick up their own trash. That is a given. But the comment “who are the geniuses that thought having an obnoxiously loud event in a residential area for four days was a good idea” — the watermelon festival was going on long before those houses were built. That was a cow pasture or just farmland. The watermelon festival was first. Deal with it! 

BYH to the woman who didn’t understand the goals expressed by the new engineering chair. She works for ECU, not Brody School of Medicine and listed several goals, the first of which was to continue to support students. At the end of the list was to make engineering more attractive to women because they are underrepresented in the field. That’s not discrimination — it’s equal access. She’s not working to keep men out, just trying to get more women interested. Why is that a problem?

After the police and towing companies deal with a car wreck, is anyone responsible for cleaning up all of the glass, plastic and metal in the road? If so, they didn't bother this week on 10th Street at Portertown Road across from the graveyard. If not, there should be someone assigned. Lots of cars were having to drive through the dangerous debris. No bless your heart either way.

Bless your heart to Councilman Bell. I am so impressed with you and your ability to lead at such a young age. It is encouraging to see young people in our community take charge and make a significant difference.

BYH to the supermarket stores who offer $10 off coupons for $40 or more purchases, that is a pretty good deal. It keeps me coming back week after week!

Since the mayor is responsible for tearing out the sidewalk a few weeks ago near Starbucks on 10th Street, thank you, Mayor Connelly, for tearing it out, having the turn lane installed, new curb and gutter, and installing the new ADA compliant sidewalk. Keep making Greenville great again!

Greenville needs a minor league baseball team. With the strong baseball history in our community, we need to bring professional baseball to Greenville for those warm summer nights. Please get it done, city leaders.

BMH: I have a solution to the Silent Sam dilemma. Do not put the statue back on the pedestal. Protestors will be happy. Instead, melt it down into commemorative coins. Sell those in the UNC Bookstore. Advocates can have their own piece of Silent Sam to carry around or display at home. Advocates will now be happy. Proceeds will benefit the university. Now, everyone is happy. Easy peasy.

BYH, sunsets are proof that no matter what happens during the day, every day can end beautifully.

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