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Sept. 2 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, September 2, 2018

BYH Bob Crocker and employees of Best Value Drug in Farmville. You have done so much for the people of our community. We all appreciate you so much.

BYH to Axle, the newest member of our police force. I hope he has a bullet/knife resistant vest like the rest of the force. I didn't see one on him.

This is for the one who sent the Bless your heart about John McCain. I bet you are a Republican or a draft dodger or both. If you ain’t been to Vietnam, shut your mouth.

Bless your heart, politicians. As a registered independent, unaffiliated, I think I speak for many Democrats, Republicans and independents. I think it’s time to set term limits.

Bless your heart. If people would read the Civil War statues, they would know the monuments are not to the Confederacy. The monuments are to the dead people. Just read the one in front of the courthouse.

When they bury me I have left instructions to include my cellphone in the casket with me. And that it always be powered on and charged up. That way the telemarketers can keep calling me for eternity and I can continue to not answer. We will keep each other company forever and ever.

Best way to fund all these bike lanes is to treat bikes like cars and trucks. Tax them, make cyclists get DMV licenses, make them provide insurance and make them subject to street laws. And make them pay a road tax since they do not buy that heavily taxed gasoline. That should give them something to think about.

Bless your heart to those managing the 10th street connector. The ECU Construction students can now use this boondoggle for years for an example on “how not to manage a project for timely completion.”

Bless your heart to you ultra-nationalists, remember it was founder Thomas Paine who said "The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.”

Ridiculous Pitt County requirement. If you order a copy of a vital record you must use money order or cashier’s check. Why? Personal checks clear faster now than a copy of a vital record can be found and made.

My family is so excited for the football season to start and with the football season comes FreeBoot Fridays. We are so encouraged to see the city is bringing our regional stars, Parmalee, to welcome all the ECU fans. Thank you, city leaders, in Greenville for making this an extra special fall.

Bless the heart of all those who labor as we celebrate Labor Day. Looks like the U.S. is leaning toward socialism under which we will all make the same salary, have the same housing and eat the same food. Suits me because I am lazy and hate working. Forward!

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