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Sept. 4 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

BYH to Richard of Ayden, who helped me at Sheetz by filling up my very low tires. What a wonderful person you are! Thank you so much.

BYH to ECU's football coach. You lost again, it is time you move on. Your coaching skills is very lacking. It is time for a new coach. ECU fans are fed up with having a losing team!

BYH to ECU Athletics for selling single-game tickets in the middle of season ticket holders’ seating, where we had to endure taunting and obnoxious fans when they are plenty of other seats that are available to be sold. Just shows how much they value season ticket holders. But when they have to resort to selling tickets on Groupon I guess I should expect nothing less!

BYH to the coaches and football players who sulked off to the locker room after the game ( except for a few) and could not find the common decency to go down and stand with the band, dance team, cheerleaders and fans while the alma mater was played. It was noticed and it was disrespectful!

Thank you Susan for inviting a stranger sitting next to you to sit in your car during the lightening delay Saturday. You were a delight to spend time with!

BYH, I'm expecting any day now that Mayor Connelly will start praising himself for every good weather day!

BYH to the town of Farmville for finally cleaning up the creek to prevent flooding and pollution. Placing your solid waste dump in the creek bed years ago has meant decades of garbage rotting and rusting into the water supply of our downstream neighbors. Glad to read you're finally cleaning it up and removing those rotting cars and tons of garbage from our future drinking water.

If ever there is a reason for someone to get divorced, disrespect for the one who loves you is a number one cause. Trust me, ladies, I know this

BYH to our GOP legislatures that are doing what that can to squash wind power in favor of offshore drilling which is sure to take a long lasting toll on the environment and tourism.

Well I would like to inform the Democrat Vietnam vet that are  a lot of Republican Vietnam vets. So smoke that in your pipe! I'm know some way, some how they will all get to the voting polls to vote Republican again! So here is smoke in your face!

BYH to the BYH editors, who must have to wade through many more times the number of BYH submissions than there is space to print. Which begs the question, why not just post them all online? just because you don't have the space to publish them in the paper doesn't mean we don't want to read them all.

BYH, here is my philosophy to life: Let others do what they need to make themselves happy (if it doesn't hurt others), mind your own business and do what you need to make yourself happy. Simple, no?

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