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Sept. 5 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Thank you to the officer who helped me cross the street when I came to Greenville for the first football game this past weekend. The Greenville Police Department is lucky to have this officer on the force, and he was so gracious to help.

BYH Rucker John’s. Where have you gone just when we needed you the most?

BYH, if you want things to remain exactly as they are now, and even more of it, then don't vote.

BYH to DOT and CSX. Could you not collaborate on railroad crossing resurfacing when the road is repaved? Nice new road — terrible RR crossing. Get it together. God forbid anyone do anything with common sense and reason.

BYH. MAGA (Mobsters are governing America).

Seems to me that a police review board is aiming to blame the police for criminal activity. That certainly is a novel concept but I doubt it will work on the ground.

A big BYH to all the people complaining about the ECU head coach. Recruiting top players is hard enough, but how does all the negative comments affect the ability to get the best players. It takes more than an coach to have a successful team. Put your money where your mouth is and help build up the program rather than tear it down. Just saying, at the end of it, it's not about winning football games, it's about educating our future.

BYH Nike! I don’t have to and will not buy your products nor do I have to watch or support the NFL. Don’t need your political statement.

My family looks forward to the upcoming Freeboot Friday this weekend and the free concert with Parmalee. What a wonderful way for us all to bounce back and beat those nasty Tarheels!

BYH to football fans. I always pull for ECU. I also like Carolina except when they play ECU. The bad news is they both lost this weekend. The good news is that next Saturday one of them will win.

What early morning joy today to reach for The Daily Reflector! I discovered tor the first time that the plastic end was tied together. Therefore, the newspaper was dry. Past years wet rain days had loose end plastic and wet news ...

Bless your heart, America. The absence of the Commander in Chief from Senator McCain’s funeral speaks volumes regarding the depth our status as a great nation has fallen. Everyone has failed. There is enough shame for all to share.

What the.... The ECU football team stays at the Hilton before every home game?!? Why? What a waste of money. No wonder they don't have the "Eye of the Tiger," Bless their hearts.

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