Bless all of our hearts. When did we all lose ourselves and become hateful, angry, argumentative people with no respect...

Sept. 8 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, September 8, 2018

We welcome the Tar Heel fans to our community this weekend, and I hope they are able to see all the architectural changes throughout our community. Greenville continues to expand expeditiously from focusing on our community's needs. Thank you, city leaders.

Bless your hearts to all the bless-your-heart writers writing in about Mayor Connelly. I'm starting to think he is becoming more popular than the beloved Brook Valley cut-through and the Bridge to Nowhere.

Bless the heart of these socialists running for political office. Since when do you think socialism will work? You realize societies have tried this for thousands of years and none of them are thriving. Capitalism seems to be working at its best right now, MAGA.

BYH to whoever gave these lime and now orange bike companies to leave their bicycles all over the town. Please understand that we are a purple and gold town, so where are the purple and gold bicycles?

A big BYH to "ugly orange bikes." Being a bicycle enthusiast and commuter, I get excited when I see a bike rack or a bike used as a point-of-sale display.

Will someone at ECU's newspaper or media center please write or produce some kind of education piece explaining to these students where and how to legally ride a bicycle? It is illegal to ride on the sidewalks of Greenville or against traffic in the roads.

BYH to the kids getting lounge chairs in their class in Kinston. I hope you get a good nap because lounge chairs are good for naps. California now is letting the kids sleep later in the morning and it only means they will sit up later. Take their phones and make them go to bed earlier — an easy fix. I am glad my kids don't have to go to school now, but my grandkids are in school.

The ECU athletic deficit is being covered by the "non-state auxiliary fund?" Where do these funds come from? Are they like the money I hide from my wife for playing online poker? We all need a "fund."

ECU official quoted in The Daily Reflector about the decrease in attendance: “Less teachers … less staff members … less students.” Seriously? A major university and the spokesperson doesn’t know the proper use of “less” and “fewer?” BYH.

BYH, ECU and all universities, who find themselves with low enrollment. What does it take to realize that parents are tired of sending their children to protest-filled campuses of marching, chanting, statue-toppling places of higher education with constant emphasis on social issues and calls for resistance. Educate our kids — don't indoctrinate them.

I’d like to give a huge bless your heart to Nathan at Parker’s Barbecue on Memorial Drive. I had an issue with an order and he went out of his way to fix it. Customer service at its finest! And amazing food! Keep up the good work, Billy and staff!

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