Bless the Heart of the person that found and left my ATM card at the Winterville Foodlion ATM. You made this old man's...

Sept 9 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, September 9, 2018

BYH Fantastic Sams Cut & Color at Bells Fork. You were so wonderful to accommodate my mother in her wheelchair. I really appreciate you making her day.

Bless your helpless heart to all those who will pass away before November's midterm election and, sadly, be forced to vote Democrat.

BYH, what I am hearing from the MAGA crowd is, “Afro guy better stand for the government song or I am going to quit buying Chinese shoes!”

Why don't the CVS stores maintain their landscaping? Their property looks rundown. They let their grass grow high and do not trim their scrubs.

Bless my heart, I have been a lifelong supporter of the Pirates and will continue to support the purple and gold. I think it's clearly obvious that we need a new coach, but if we all stop supporting the team, who will pay for the change?

Bless your heart to Andy’s in Ayden. They have the best sausage dogs in Pitt County.

Bless your heart to the Greenville police officer who helped me find my eye doctor at White Eye Associates. I got lost and asked him to lead me to the doctor’s office and he did.

Bless the heart of the governor. Welcome back to eastern N.C. to check on those devastated by Hurricane Matthew. Two years later and still many people in the east are not back in their homes which is indicative of your do-nothing governorship.

The Daily Reflector Look! section has done it again. Why have you featured an article on canning tomatoes when my tomatoes and so many others’ are already canned? Please re-think the timing of good articles.

Bless your heart to all the comments about the police review board. All a review board is to review are actions because not all police officers are honest. What are the people scared of? It’s just a review board, and maybe it would keep someone from getting shot four times while they’re sitting in a car with no gun.

With all the speed bumps, speed cushions, and pot holes in this city I'm surprised there not a tire alignment place on every corner. Bless our hearts.

BYH to all the businesses that give discounts to ECU students. What happened to rewarding those locals who visit your stores year round? Students are already getting free money for school, or mom and dad are paying their way. When they are gone, you rely on locals to carry you. Do not forget us. We may forget you.

I am 87 years old and would like to send a BYH to the local car dealer for all their affirmations on TV that "The end is near."

Bless your heart to the main stream media for its unceasing reporting on the predator priests. Now let’s hear a little about the predator Protestant ministers, the Jewish predators, etc. Normal bell curve distribution says that they occur also in other religions.

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