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Sept. 10 Bless Your Heart


Monday, September 10, 2018

BYH: to ECU. Your football games bring in money, I get that. It also brings in pure chaos to our town. Most citizens do not want this, but ECU comes first over the local citizens' wish. If your campus cannot handle the crowd then you should not have such events, but you are so greedy! What a mess!

There is a lot of talk about Pirate Football these days. I am now wondering if people are more concerned about college football than stormwater runoff. I would vote for a candidate who promised ten wins per year. "I will lead you to the promised land!"

BYH to ECU's dwindling enrollment. Since when did the powers-that-be start charging $300-$500 for one textbook? Buy the books for class or pay the mortgage, tough choice.

BYH: To all those who continue to put our kids in the middle of gun control, and deadly shooting incidents disagreements. Let our kids be kids, and avoid putting them in our adult disagreements on such issues. They will have to face these disagreements in time. Let their minds be free learn, and to seek wisdom before having to decide what to do about these issues.

Thanks BYH for “ECU's how to legally ride a bicycle.” Thank you for pointing out the lack of bike lanes downtown.

Bless your heart Uptown Greenville for being the competent force in our city! Although the city and especially the council can get clouded at times, your organization stays open minded and gets the job done. Fantastic job this past weekend with UNC and Parmalee!

BYH to all these fake Christians that keep defending a man with such little moral character. At least he is white. I am sure that is all they care about.

BYH Pitt County schools for spending millions on "secure corridors" for a few schools but not a penny on making or installing speed bumps near any of the schools when our children are far more likely to be hurt or killed by a speeding car than they are anything else. Too many drivers speeding and texting in Greenville are the real danger our kids face.

With more and more electric vehicles on the roadway, they are becoming like the cyclists — getting to use our cars’ roads for free while the rest of us have to pay for the roads with our gas taxes. Bless their hearts. It is bad enough the local farmers are allowed to drive their slow tractors on our roads and we have to slow down for them. Why can't they and bikes be restricted to only roads that have lanes for them?

Forget about a police review board. How about a marriage review board that would alert young couples if they were right for one another? We could advise the young lovers about marriage and the many pitfalls, sinkholes, traps and downright nastiness that marriage brings.

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