A BYH to the dry-rainy poster (“When it rains it pours”). You conflate LOCAL weather with GLOBAL warming. Please get to...

Sept. 11 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Bless Your Heart to all the business owners, investors and community activists who have made Uptown Greenville so great! Thanks for putting on a great show this past weekend for UNC and for showing our alumni who live out of town all our great progress. Bravo Bianca Shoneman, Don Edwards, Allen Thomas, Ryan Webb and company!

Bless your heart, ECU. As an elderly, disabled lady, I paid to park in a designated lot and ride the ADA bus to the stadium on Saturday. But after I arrived I had to hobble to the area where my seat was and struggle up (and later down) two long flights of stairs. Why? Because I was told I was not allowed to use the elevator since I didn’t belong to the Pirate Club. I am thrilled you beat UNC, but don’t you think your denial was something like your cruel and greedy namesakes, the pirates, would do? Arrrgh!

BYH, we need to stop measuring 'the economy' by how well rich people are doing.

BYH, just in case you missed the news this week, here is a word association to help you catch up. There's a mole at the White House. 25th Amendment. Orange jump suit. Constitutional crisis. Treason. Polygraph exams. Administration coup. Can't wait til the season 2 finale.

The leaves will soon be turning their golden browns and reds, and the Brook Valley Shortcut will be beautiful in all its majesty. It is time for Greenville to have the Brook Valley Shortcut designated as a Scenic Highway. Maybe put a sign up on the Blue Ridge Parkway indicating how to get to the Brook Valley Shortcut.

I question whether Colin Kaepernick "gave all." I mean he is still above ground.

BYH to the storm coming. Now would be the time to help everyone else clean their ditches. Maybe some are too old to get out there and do that kind of work. Maybe their neighbor could help them out because if their part of the ditch jams up, it will still flood your property or into the street and across. So it ends up being everyone’s problem. I myself have offered and helped out some of those older people.

Bless your heart, belligerent UNC fans and players who felt the need to brawl in the stands and administer cheap hits on the field. Why not save some of that fight for the classroom where it has clearly lacked for a decade or more?

Bless your heart to the makers of The First Man movie about Neil Armstrong. They omitted the placing of the flag on the moon because it was a "human achievement" not an American achievement. Do not rewrite history for the sake of political correctness. It was 100 percent an American effort and we should be proud.

Bless the pea-picking hearts of losers like me. Without us, there would be no winners. I delight in knowing that I make others look good! That is my good deed for today!

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