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Sept. 12 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

BYH, Mr. Christian Lockamy, for serving our city with utmost professionalism over the years. You will be missed but our loss is Elizabeth City’s gain. Good luck in your new role as director of economic development; well deserved.

Bless your heart, Will Bell, for delaying the vote to allow liquor at the Town Common so that you can gain more public opinion. Let me make myself absolutely clear. No, absolutely not! I won’t take my kids to the Concert on the Common if there is liquor involved.

A big BYH to Kevin Mulligan and the Public Works staff with the City of Greenville. I called him with a potential stormwater issue and he was quick to help. He was timely, polite and on top of the situation. He is a great example of what a public servant should be. A great big BYH to the city for hiring him.

BYH to those women who want to accuse powerful men of sexual misconduct after 20 to even 30 years  That does not make sense. If it happened and was not reported then — it was either not that important, or not true. There is a statute of limitation on such events, or crimes, as these. Now it has become popular to be a victim and cry foul. These women must want either fame or money. What else could it be?

Very impressive work by the city of New Bern in hosting thousands of cyclists from all over the state for a weekend of riding and fundraising. New Bern's economy gets a several million dollar positive impact from this ride every year and it helps. Too bad Greenville does not too a similar healthy event like this.

BYH to Bojangle’s for taking down Chedder Bo biscuits from the menu. Please don’t! It’s one of the items I like to eat.

I wonder how many male baby boomers can say that they are the man that their father was? I know that I cannot say that. Would this generation be able to stand up like the Greatest Generation?

Bless your heart, if you want things to change from how they are now, vote in less than 60 days. Kick this crowd to the curb, or else don't complain because you've given up the right to if you don't vote.

Bless the hearts of all the Democrats screaming about not having enough time to review all of Kavanaugh’s documents. I tell you what.  Let’s give them as much time to look at the documents as everybody got when they passed Obamacare. That’s fair, right?

BYH, imagine a country where a shoe ad is more controversial than a school shooting.

I absolutely love Greenville and I have never felt better about living here after college. Many of my friends left after college, but I decided to make Greenville my home because I loved the city. ECU is an amazing university and the city of Greenville is where I want to raise my family.

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