BYH to Greg Murphy who seems to never have met a government healthcare program he didn't want to expand....

Sept. 14-15 Bless Your Heart


Friday, September 14, 2018

Bless your heart to Calvin Mercer and others who have been pushing for more serious attention and action on our stormwater drainage and bless your heart to all of us working together to get through this.

I understand and agree with the decision ECU made to cancel the game in Virginia. It is too risky to travel that far with potential flooding and bad weather trying to get back to Greenville. But what is up with them going to Florida a week early! Who is paying for the lodging, food, entertainment, etc.? The money could be put to so much better us and also the resources of many strong guys that could help the community out. Boo to whoever at ECU made this decision.

BYH, I just saw Trump took money from FEMA hurricane relief to fund border detention centers. Does our mayor who supported Trump agree with that?

BYH to the planning and zoning policies that mandate such large parking lots. Covering the ground with pavement leads to more stormwater run off and thus more flooding. Thanks for making us all more vulnerable in these storms by having such large free lots.

Bless our heart, we don't have a ruling party. We have co-conspirators with a hostile adversary whose interest was meddling in our elections to keep those co-conspirators in power.

Yes, there are more hogs and pigs than people in eastern North Carolina and now thanks to huge waste lagoons meeting Flo, we will all get to see for ourselves the results of bad environmental policies. BYH to the farmers who destroy our land, air, soil, and water all in the name of greater profits.

BYH to the South Ayden Class of 1968. From Aug. 31 through Sept. 2 you celebrated your 50th anniversary. The get-together was  truly nice and enjoyable. I’m looking forward to the next one. It’s good to get together and share memories of our high school days.

Kudos to Vidant Health for releasing paychecks a day early so employees have one less thing to worry about as they prepare for Flo. Thank you, Vidant.

Bless your heart to the lady who had eight cases of water and a man ask her for one. Her reply was "I need all these!" Really? God bless her and everyone else's greed that this hurricane is bringing out of people!

BYH to the DR weather reporters for trying. They frequently don't agree, like Wednesday, Sept 12. Front page says Today: 89, stormy; Tonight: 73 rain. Inside front page weather column says Today: 89, mostly cloudy and humid; Tonight: Low 75, mainly cloudy and humid. Oh well, one of them may be right.

Bless our hearts, North Carolina. With Hurricane Florence bearing down on us, may God hold us in his everlasting arms.

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