Bless the heart of the county commissioners, I think we all will come knocking on your doors when we receive our new...

Sept. 16 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Bless your heart, Officer G.M. Barrett! He is community policing at its finest. I was recently stopped for speeding on my way to a doctor’s appointment. Officer Barrett was respectful, warm and friendly. I was in the wrong and he made that perfectly clear. It was how he did it that made it such an important moment for me. Officer Barrett, you have made me want to slow down ... for you! You were so nice and didn't make me feel like the idiot I was at the moment!

Absolutely totally ridiculous, the ECU football team being sent on a week and half paid vacation to Orlando. The team should be required to stay in town and help with rescue and clean-up efforts. Running away is not the role model our youth need.

A big “No BYH” to “With a hurricane on the way, who does this?" FEMA’s budget this year is 150 billion with a “b.”

I am a frequent user of the Brook Valley Shortcut. Driving through last week, I noticed a sign for a yard sale so I went back over on Saturday morn. It was like shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue. Very nice stuff and a cut above what you find in the less posh neighborhoods. A real pleasurable shopping experience.

BYH Greenville for having hundreds of these lime green bikes all over town but so few bike racks to park them at stores, restaurants, or other places. No wonder they clutter up the sidewalks illegally all the time. Please teach those pesky ECU students to keep them bikes off of the sidewalks!

BYH: To all those who feel uptown is a great improvement. Uptown is a place of disruption. You need 50 police officers all the time to keep the peace. Drunks wander the streets, fights constantly and shootings right steady. You call this progress. I call it a dangerous place where no decent person would go. Downtown, as it was called once, was a place that you could walk, shop and eat without fear. It is no longer like that. Uptown is a bad scene now for those who have any common sense!

GEO Group and CoreCivic, two of the companies that run the migrant children and adult detention camps, are poised to make many more billions because the program will be expanded now that Trump wants to keep adults and children together indefinitely in these camps. I object on many levels to my money being spent for ripping babies out of mothers’ arms and keeping them together forever in a camp or in a detention city. Why should I pay for cruelty in my name? My taxes!

Bless your heart to whoever is running this city. Get to the bottom of all this turmoil in the fire and police departments. This is our families’ safety at risk.

BYH to all those poking fun at those trying to warn us about getting our infrastructure better prepared for storm water and flooding. Are you laughing now?

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