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Sept. 18 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Bless your heart to the ECU women’s tennis team members and coach who came to the JOY soup kitchen on Saturday to help sort and unload items being donated to victims of Hurricane Florence. Coach, you are teaching your young ladies what it truly means to be part of a city, not just playing sports for them! You make me proud to be a Pirate Fan!

A huge thank you goes out to the guy in Farmville who walked around downtown all night long sweeping out the drains of debris during the storm for two or three days straight with a push broom. Many of us saw you again and again, working to keep our roads clear and safe and to prevent them from flooding. 

Thank you, Reflector delivery person. Paper all wrapped up in plastic, with a knot in it and safely tucked away in he mail box. BYH — you are the best.

Poor GOP. Your party has been hijacked by your crazy fringe, most of whom probably used to not even consider themselves Republicans. Oh, the irony. Bless your heart.

Bless your heart to the negative individual who feels Uptown is not a great improvement to Greenville. Ten years ago Evans Street was a ghost town and Dickinson Avenue was a dust bowl. For all of you who support the efforts of our Uptown keep doing what you’re doing and don’t pay attention to the naysayers.

BYH Mayor PJ Connelly for your leadership in representing our city during Hurricane Florence. I had a relative on the West Coast contact our family after watching your interview on a national news network. Keep up the good work and please know we appreciate all you do for Greenville.

Thank you to all of those people who have tried to raise awareness of the need for more attention to stormwater runoff, smaller parking lots, smaller roads, more walk-able and bike-able communities, etc. Obviously, we should have listened more and become more resistant to storms like Flo. Bless our hearts for our love of cheap gas and big cars, trucks and SUVs. They're killing us slowly with obesity and climate change.

"Neither snow or rain, etc." … Bless your heart, post office, but it's the second one you may want to change your creed.

Bless your heart to Duke Energy for more coal ash in our water supply and the hog factory farmers for more animal waste polluting our soil, air and water. Storms come here and our policies regulating the environment favor the corporations. When will we ever learn?

Time for reflection. No flooding in Greenville. No loss of life. Power stayed on. Gas is available. Waffle House — bless you for feeding pubic servants and my psychotic husband. Time to stop the junk here and be thankful. We have had many bad times with storms. And ... to the DR staff who enjoys writing about Brook Valley ... time to move on. We know you.

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