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Sept. 19 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Bless the hearts of all our first responders who protected our city during Hurricane Florence. Many of you left your families during the storm and we are eternally grateful for your sacrifice to our city.

I would like to think Speedway Corporate for thinking of the employees during the hurricane. They allowed them to close during the storm to be prepared at home for it as well as being with their family at this time. Thank you for thinking of them and their safety. You will never know how much appreciated this was to me and my family. God bless you.

Now that we have seen how poorly New Bern and other cities have handled stormwater runoff and flooding from a storm, we should all prepare more and ensure our city has better policies in place to handle the next flood that comes our way. Let's clear those creeks and rivers, ensure more green spaces and woodlands stay that way, reduce parking lot sizes, stop expanding road sizes, stop building n flood zones and ensure more buildings are built or rebuilt to current codes.

As a new resident of Greenville, I was scared to death of the hurricane. Watching the preparations that took place before the storm, the information that was provided by the local leaders and the city's employees working during the storm, it was a pleasant experience for someone that moved here from Oklahoma. Thank you, Greenville leaders.

Bless your heart to Kavanaugh’s accuser: What was she doing at a party in a high-end neighborhood at the age of 15 with underage drinking and whatever going on? Where were her parents? Where were her scruples? Everyone is held accountable! Wake up people! Kavanaugh needs to be voted in and now.

Love to read about the hurricanes being blamed on political parties. Of course I do not think we would have any flooding if only we had stopped that last mattress store from being built. On the one hand we want new jobs and on the other we want no more construction. This whole mess reminds me of marriage.

I propose that The DR have a special section for "Brook Valley Shortcut" updates. The section would offer information on stormwater runoff and yard sales and would notify us when the autumn leaves were at their brightest.

No bless your heart to the postal service in Winterville. Service disruptions we can understand. Your total lack of customer notification after five days of non-delivery is just lame. No wonder your business model is failing.

This bless your heart goes out to my niece. We gave her a check for her birthday last week and she and a friend went shopping yesterday. She carried with her a shopping list from the Red Cross. All their purchases were from that list. Now that's the America I grew up in! God bless everyone who is helping out!

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