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Sept. 21 Bless Your Heart


Friday, September 21, 2018

Bless all those who have had to go without power for days on end after each storm because Duke Energy hasn’t elevated their equipment at the substation from rising waters on Harvey Rouse Road. Nineteen years since Floyd. No changes.

Bless our hearts, no one believes that a young girl or boy should be assaulted even if they are at the wrong place at the wrong time. Young people should use common sense and parents should know where their underage children are and what they are doing!

Bless your heart to the NAACP for all your good work on the hurricane recovery effort.

BYH to everyone involved in keeping us safe and dry and keeping our electricity on in Greenville. Thank you very much! Thank you to everyone involved in getting other people to a safe and dry area to ride out the storm — Southern hospitality at its best — well, as best it could be under the circumstances of Hurricane Florence!

BYH to FedEx drivers in such a hurry to deliver. They run 65 mph through the neighborhoods. Please be careful.

Bless the heart of the city for a great display of communication during Hurricane Florence. Mayor Connelly continued to update the public on social media and the City of Greenville made continuous posts to update the public on the storm. All in all, well done and well received.

No bless your heart to the complaining about the USPS office in Winterville. The mail service was stopped because of Hurricane Florence. The mail is processed in Fayetteville. As of Wednesday the plant was still underwater. Also, contrary to public opinion, “rain, sleet or snow” is not the postal service motto. The safety and security of the mail is more important than checks and magazines. Lives are more important than the mail!

Bless your heart to our great mail carrier from the Winterville Post Office. He drove through our subdivision on Monday and told us (whoever was outside) there was no mail delivery. He went above and beyond his duty. God bless him.

Big thank you to Councilman Litchfield who was out in the middle of the storm cleaning the drains to make sure our subdivision would not flood with the heavy rainfall. You are truly a public servant and I'm glad you represent us.

I think if we had two cable companies operating in Greenville we might see improved customer service. But what can you do against monopolies?

BYH, get woke and vote! But make sure your voter registration is up to date first.

Someone wrote about bringing professional baseball to our community. I agree with that idea and I think we should place the stadium on the large park downtown. They could hit balls into the river and people could dock their boats to attend the games. Wouldn't that be grand?

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