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Sept. 23 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, September 23, 2018

BYH to the person who suggested re-instituting the draft. There are other ways to reduce future prison populations besides sending people people to die for questionable reasons, eliminating the for-profit prison industry and excessive sentencing for non-violent drug offenders for starters.

BYH Duke Energy for storing coal ash so close to rivers that are known to flood and doing little to nothing about it for decades. This is our water and food you are destroying. Bless our own hearts for permitting this and allowing coal powered energy plants to continue making these poisons.

I don't really care if CrimeStoppers gets a BYH. I called today to ask them to please do something to stop a woman from storing and selling drugs at her house. By the time I hung up, she had me almost believing I was the dealer. So much for help from the police department or CrimeStoppers.

BYH to those who don't treat dogs like machines and who don't leave them in pens outside during hurricanes.

BYH, if the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee was a legitimate truth-seeking body, they would ask the FBI to investigate the charges against a nominee that will have a lifetime appointment on the highest Court in the land. But legitimate is not the way I'd ever describe Republicans.

BYH Kavanaugh accuser. You can't even remember the year of this so-called incident, let alone the month, day of the week, whose house it was at or who else was there or even the number of people there but you specifically name Kavanaugh? How convenient.

Thank you to all of the ICE agents who were working at the recent food bank giving our meals to people displaced by the floods. It is good to know that you're here helping and protecting us.

What happened to all of the Lime Bikes in Farmville? I had stayed there before at a cute Airbnb and loved biking down to the Duck Rabbit Brewery. I went to stay there again but saw no bikes in town anymore so I went to Greenville instead. Lime Bikes were a great addition to the small town life in Farmville. Please bring them back.

I read an article on how prisoners have better living conditions than many of our elderly. Seems that the prisoners have rights, but the old folks are forgotten. A sad state of affairs.

BYH to our paper delivery lady. She goes beyond what is required for service. When it snowed, she would pull into my driveway, get out of the car and walk in the snow up to my carport and give me the paper. I’ve never gotten a wet paper   I’ve always gotten it when I expect it except during the hurricane and that was understandable. I live in Winterville on Jeannette Street. I just want to thank her. I forgot her name.  It’s wonderful to have people who are so dedicated.

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