A BYH to the dry-rainy poster (“When it rains it pours”). You conflate LOCAL weather with GLOBAL warming. Please get to...

Sept. 26 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Now that the flood waters have multiplied the hordes of mosquitoes in our area, when will the cities and towns begin spraying for them? BYH to the Republicans who dismantled the state board that oversaw this.

After I airbrushed my FaceBook profile photo, I now look better than all my old classmates. Age has really hurt them, but not me.

BYH ECU, DOT and the city of Greenville for failing to post signs on the sidewalks of 10th Street reminding ECU students that sidewalks are for pedestrians, not cyclists or rental bike share users. It is illegal to ride on the sidewalks anywhere in the city, yet you only have signs saying so when the sidewalk is part of the greenway. Please educate students.

BYH, City of Greenville, making your employees pay more for health insurance at increases that are higher than inflation or pay raises, won't boost employee retention or your attractiveness as an employer. We deserve to give our employees the best so that they can serve the public at their best.

BYH to my beloved Pirates. But what is so hard about studying the successful play sequences of other teams as they repeatedly march down the field to score and score? Just copy and reproduce those play lists. And we need a better front line to give the quarterback some time to make the play!

I just wonder what would happen to all these so-called accusers if there was a penalty for false accusations? Twenty years in prison or 20 million dollars restitution should be about right.

BYH to the people calling out the Kavanaugh accuser. Maybe she can't remember the exact time, day and date of an incident which she claims happened over 30 years ago. However, she passed a lie detector about the details of the incident. All he can do is say it never happened. 

Bless your heart to the brainless twit(s) who continue to write about the Brook Valley cut through. You should get a life. How many years can you and the dolts at The Daily Reflector continue to write and publish this dribble?

BYH to those enjoying the Brook Valley scenic drive thru. We love having you but please stop throwing out your trash bags on our streets.

Bless your heart to the county transfer stations for not pulling bins more frequently. If you rent a truck and hire help to haul away your yard trash after the storm, you can not get rid of it because the bins are full. It was the same story last storm.

Very concerned about the tree debris that is coming out of the fencing from Heritage Village onto 14th Street. There is a curve there and, at any time, a larger tree can fall onto oncoming traffic. Not only is it an eyesore, but it is also dangerous. Who is responsible for this for our city? We want a bless your heart.

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