Bless the heart of the county commissioners, I think we all will come knocking on your doors when we receive our new...

Oct. 2 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

I just love Freeboot Friday at Five Points. Each Friday I bring my family down to the event and see so many Pirate fans enjoying themselves and the music is always enjoyable. Thank you to the mayor and Uptown Greenville for organizing such a wonderful event.

BYH, what's up with the person with the canned and manufactured praises of Mayor Connelly? Don't you know how transparent you are?

BYH, wake up, people! They are not coming for your guns. They are coming for your Social Security and your Medicare!

I don't see why belief in God would make this country greater or a person more decent. Look at the Catholic Church as an example. But BYH anyway.

No BYH to The Daily Reflector. On weekdays you have the Soduku so small you can hardly have room for your numbers. On Sunday you have it the right size but across the bottom you have typed “Sudoku” so large across the puzzle that you can’t read the numbers in the squares. How about putting the weekly the same size as Sunday's paper?

Bless your heart to the Uptown development crowd's unbridled enthusiasm for yet another "craft beer" business in the Uptown area. Only a few years ago, wasn't this same crowd squarely against more alcohol-based establishments, in favor of restaurants and business diversity? Getting whiplash from the hypocrisy.

BYH to my fellow liberal Americans who cannot help themselves from lumping people into a groups based on skin color, sexual preference or gender. What a backwards way of thinking from the party that claims to be forward thinking and progressive.

Bless your heart to the view of the Tar River from the greenway. Here is some advice to change the situation: service projects. Get the Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, DeMolay and Cub and Boy Scouts to clear away the brush. Or use some of the $2.4 million parks budget.

To the person suggesting the banks of the Tar River be cleared of growth so they can see the river while they walk, I fish the Tar a couple times a week year-round. Please leave the trees alone as they provide habitat for squirrels, birds, raccoons and other species, erosion control, shad to attract fish and many other benefits. So let’s back off destroying nature so you can see the river while you walk. Myself and the other Tar River rats would greatly appreciate it.

Bless your heart to the new $8 million dollar bus stop. Just wondering when it will be done as they couldn't have spent the $8 million on the about 8 bays that are up now. Or could they?

BYH, and there came a day when the trees in the forest voted for the ax, because it had a wooden handle, and they thought it was one of them.

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