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Oct. 3 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Greenville keeps growing and the city looks better each and every day. So glad I decided to move here 20 years ago to raise my family.

BYH to Greenville Police Department Instead of running criminals out of town, you spend your time running off all the good officers. No wonder you’re always hiring.

Bless your heart to all the negative posts on the mayor. Mayor Connelly spoke at our Service League meeting this morning and that young man was so kind and appreciative for our organization’s hard work. Thank you, Mr. Mayor, for taking time out of your day to recognize our commitment to service.

I enjoy seeing the people at the three-way stop sign on the Brook Valley Shortcut in front of the club house. Everyone who stops at the stop signs are so friendly and cheerful. They wave at you and let you go first. Who says high class people are not nice!

BYH to the EPA for lifting the clean air requirements for Pitt County cars. Now we can pollute our air more and let it blow around to make more people sicker. All in the name of supporting cheaper cars, we will sacrifice our young, our elderly and our lungs.

Bless your heart. It is not belief in God that will make the country or people better. It is obedience to God that will make a difference. Even Satan believes in God — look where his disobedience got him!

At what point did we decide that someone who was unable to make sound decisions for himself was the right person to make sound decisions for the country? Wait a minute. I think it was around November 2016. Bless his heart.

Excuse me. Donald Trump is not your whipping boy. Get off his back and let him do his job. He's working overtime to try to help America. The left is totally out of control. Bless America's heart.

I knew early in the year when we were promised that the Fifth Street theatre would open in August that I'd believe it when I saw it. It's October now. What is it about municipalities that a simple building cannot be constructed? If it was an apartment complex, I bet they'd slap that sucker up in a week. BYH.

Bless your heart, Will Bell, for speaking about pedestrian safety, but never attending the meetings for the city's Bike/Pedestrian Commission, of which you're the liaison. Actions speak louder than words. You shall be known for your deeds, not your talks.

My granddaughter loved playing with my adding machine. My great-granddaughter does not know what it is.

Aunt Nettie no longer travels out to Stokes to visit and enjoy Sunday lunch with Bryce and Betty Jean. I wish she did. Those events in the old "Community Happenings" columns were way more interesting than today's BYHs.

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