Bless the heart of the county commissioners, I think we all will come knocking on your doors when we receive our new...

Oct. 4 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, October 4, 2018

My kid got an A+ on a math test today. And somebody paid for my lunch at the Bojangles drive-through. Oh, and I saw where someone actually parked their LimeBike somewhere else besides the middle of the sidewalk. Thank you, Mayor Connelly, thank you, thank you! Just saying.

BYH, has the FBI ever been held to time limits before? The answer is no.

BYH to my liberal friends who live next to the university on Fifth Street. I don't follow all of the lesser elections like judge, but you are a big help! I look at all your signs and vote the opposite — good to go! Thanks !

Bless your heart to the public office that has so much drama. No wonder your turnover is so high.

Bless your heart to the North Carolina Board of Elections for the state voter guide received in the mail. I knew that constitutional amendments are on the ballot, but did not know there are six. I urge everyone to read the explanations and texts in the guide to be better informed before going to the polls.

BYH, for those of you who missed the news recently, here is a recap: I like beer! Bill Cosby goes to prison. Me and Kim Jong Un wrote letters back and forth, and we fell in love. No voting until we have an FBI investigation! Okay, we'll have a sham investigation. I'll never eat mushrooms again.

I appreciate "tribalism" as long as my tribe is winning! I also enjoy hypocrisy as long as I am the one practicing it. When it is being engaged in by someone in the other tribe, then not so much.

If the Pirates can beat Old Dominion by two points, guess how bad they would have beaten Virginia Tech if they had played them, bless their hearts.

I have seen Governor Cooper several times in our state observing damage and this and that. When is the actual help going to start? These people have nothing left. Where are they staying? Do they have anyone helping with that? A lot of our counties look like war zones. I hope the help is immediate and they can start building their lives back again. Bless their hearts and God be with them.

No BYH to mankind — we are partly responsible for the devastation done by Hurricane Flo. We keep building buildings and streets and knocking down beautiful trees and forests. There is hardly any greenery or land left — nothing to soak up all the flooding, so naturally it goes into our homes. Shame on us!

BYH to the Judicial Committee Democrats for the damage they have done to Dr. Ford and the #MeToo movement. A woman with trauma from her youth turned into a political pawn and subjected to the incredible stress of public testimony. Women need more rapid change than one Bill Cosby trial at a time. But their tactics have been politicized and used for a political power play.

Bless my heart for reading BYH.

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