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Oct. 5 Bless Your Heart


Friday, October 5, 2018

Bless my old broken down dryer that got fixed yesterday, and I'm happy the sun is shining today. Guess I should thank Mayor Connelly for that!

No BYH to a major so-called property manager of approximately 38 home owners associations and no up-to-date documents on the website for current minutes and updates for homeowners on the majority of the HOA sites on their website. 

BYH Henry Hinton. Your attitude on the radio is one reason why women wait 30 years to report sexual abuse.

I have been reviewing the births in Pitt County. Don't people get married anymore before having children? Or do you get more benefits if you are not married? Marriage may be hard work but a two-parent family seems to have more advantages for the wee bairns.

BYH to the person who listed the judges race as a "lesser" race. Interesting thought process. The judge, district attorney and sheriff races are the most important with the way this town is headed.

Attributed to President Herbert Hoover's 1928 campaign was the slogan, “A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.” Our next Greenville mayoral election will probably have a slogan that says, "Cook your chicken in stormwater runoff and sell that car and buy a bike." My wife bought me a bike and encourages me to ride on Arlington. She and I don't get along.

BYH to PCC and Winterville for building and placing all of the food places across the street from campus, but then not providing any safe way to cross the road without having to dodge speeding cars. It makes us feel as if we're ECU students having to playing Frogger crossing 10th Street.

BYH, you may ask yourself, how did we get to this point, when a belligerent accused sexual predator nominates another belligerent accused sexual predator for the highest court? You may ask yourself, is this a dream, even a nightmare? And you may tell yourself, if this isn't a dream, get out there and vote! Same as it ever was.

BYH to the Dems and Left! It looks like your attacks and lies on a good man will come back to haunt you for the mid-terms.

To the conservative thinker using election signs in near-campus residents' lawns to determine who not to vote for: I get the idea that universities are bastions of liberal thinking, but that liberals also try to live next to campus is a bit much — more likely people looking to make a buck on proximity — therefore a conservative bent?

I took the Brook Valley Shortcut today and saw several leading businessmen playing golf. One of them waved to me even though I drive an old car. It was pretty neat.

BYH to the victim blamers. Now just who is the victim again?

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