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Oct. 6 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, October 6, 2018

Thanks to Mayor PJ for encouraging Winterville to develop their own greenway system to become more like Greenville and link together and help grow the economy and quality of life in Pitt County. BYH to others that do not see the value of Major PJ for our entire area.

When will the excitement return to ECU football? Even the chicken wings taste soggy. We need to turn this thing around and get back our swagger.

BYH to all of the speeders coming down Charles Street and who refuse to stop for pedestrians already in the crosswalk. Y'all's speeding and texting is going to get more ECU students hurt or killed because NCDOT and Greenville's City Council do not seem to want to add speed humps here and make it safe for us. Please slow down and save lives, BYH.

BYH NCDOT for hacking down and destroying more of our forests along U.S. 264. Now we'll have less shade and wind breaks and fewer trees to absorb the flood waters, increased noise, greater pollution, and higher risks to our lives.

A big bless your heart to myself and other conservatives. The front cover of the October 1st edition of Time magazine showed both Justice Thomas and Judge Kavanaugh. What a horrendous thought, having both of them on the Supreme Court at the same time. Made even worse when one considers the occupant of the White House. If this becomes reality we will need more than a BYH!!

Something is horribly wrong with our country when a woman can point at any man and accuse him of assaulting her. Her own witnesses say it didn’t happen, and yet a throng of protesters and liberals say “I believe her.” Think hard, people. It could happen to your husband, son or anyone in your family. That’s why it’s innocent until proven guilty.

Senator Schumer and Senator Feinstein need to resign from the Senate now. They both don’t represent what America stands for — Democrats or Republican.

BYH to Democrats. You must be horrified how your party has been represented by unhinged leftists. These George Soro's paid demonstrators have revealed where your party is headed. Just take one look at these people and I think you will agree that the Democratic Party is no longer liberal, but hard-core leftist Socialist. Pathetic.

If bicycles are supposed to be ridden by state law in the same direction as cars and only on the road, then why do I never hear of any of these bicycle riders getting tickets for violating these laws? I see them all the time riding against traffic flow and on and off sidewalks. Even when they hot an ECU bus and hurt people, they are not given tickets for violating the law.

BYH, Christ was a wise fellow. You ought to read a page of what He said every day. You'll thank me later.

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