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Oct. 8 Bless Your Heart


Monday, October 8, 2018

BYH, if you do not like the way the Senate handled the Kavanaugh installation or the outcome, get out there and vote in a new Senate.

BYH to the folks who set speed limits in Greenville. We have added quite a number of new businesses in the area of 10th street just before Portertown Road. However the speed limit remains at 55 mph almost to Brook Valley. Please drop the speed limit to 45 mph and occasionally provide some law enforcement in this area!

Bless your heart to the ECU football team that is shaping up to be very competitive this year. You have made everyone’s fall much more entertaining and exciting. Thank you Mayor Connelly!

BYH to the person who keeps writing contrived praises about Mayor Connelly. I have to admit that you're creative with your scenarios!

A BYH to the Talking Header. I wasn’t sure until the very end.

If you go down to the beach and build a sand castle at low tide then the high tide will wash it away. That's either common sense or global warming depending on your politics.

BYH to the person who feels Uptown is dangerous and a place of disruption. This is not Mayberry with ice cream parlors, candy shops and Sherriff Andy Taylor. These are growing pains of a college town morphing into a city with almost 100,000 in total population. Soon you will see hotels, apartments for adults and more restaurants. I say open your eyes, broaden your perspective and move with the current times.

Bless your heart to the person grouching about the greenway and not being able to see the river. Each time they walk it to get exercise they should carry a machete to chop away some underbrush and voila — there is the river and they have received some excellent exercise.

BYH to the ladies in the Cadillac Escalade who backed right up to the Walmart exit. Everyone else is parking and walking in the rain. You and your beer would have been just fine too. Show some class and think about others instead of just yourselves.

BYH to people who don't understand that two wrongs don't make a right.

BYH to neighbors trying to shame someone in a public forum or gossiping to other neighbors about those neighbors who were arguing . It makes you no better than they are. No one is perfect, least of all you neighbors ! Oh wait , I just did that ... forgive me Lord. I think there is a Bible verse here somewhere folks! Just saying.

The Brook Valley shortcut is already resplendent with lovely Halloween decorations. It is almost like going to a "Disney On Ice" show. My own neighborhood is already scary enough without even trying.

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