A BYH to the dry-rainy poster (“When it rains it pours”). You conflate LOCAL weather with GLOBAL warming. Please get to...

Oct. 9 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Avett Brothers are coming to Greenville! Thank you to all those responsible for bringing them to our community. Our music scene continues to grow and my friend in the band is coming home to play!

Bless your heart to the bleeding heart liberal that anonymously attacks Henry Hinton. You snowflakes have too much time on your hands and are too scared to sign your name when attacking someone.

I'm very nervous about the stormwater that continues to destroy our community. I was in Lowe’s the other day and I noticed a man and woman purchasing all the 2 x 4s in the store. He said something about the ark being built in the woods off the Brook Valley cut-through before he disappeared.

Bless our hearts, the frog jumped into the nice warm pot of water back in 2016. Last year it began to simmer and if the Republicans win this year's elections, there will be a full boil and then we are cooked.

The fire lane at the Food Lion on Stantonsburg Road is not a parking lane for customers. I wish police and Food Lion would enforce this more. It is absolutely ridiculous. Every time I am there I can see three to four cars parked in the lane.

BYH: We need emergency attention to roads traveled in Greenville. All curbs and dividers on the roads need to be visible with yellow paint, immediately! No left turns at major intersections! This is a critical need in our area. Please help us to be safe, especially at the intersection at Greenville Boulevard and Evans. Question: Why do we have major intersections that are curved?

H.L. Mencken huh? A racist, anti-Semite and elitist. You could've just quoted Hitler. That way us "plain folks" would at least have had a frame of reference as to whose quotations you admire. BYH, leftist.

Think of it this way. If 150 million pounds of tobacco were lost due to Florence, that's 150 million pounds less cancerous tobacco smoke that will be polluting our atmosphere. One man's gain is another man's loss.

BYH to Democrats who have no one else to blame for this final nail in the coffin of the working class. Low voter turnouts, specifically in mid-term elections on top of Citizens United and the Electoral College allowed the ruling donor class to take over our country.

Bless the hearts of those who are talking now about certain liberties that Donald Trump supposedly has taken with the tax laws. Let’s compare those with the ones that the Kennedys and the Rockefellers used. If you really want an investigation and see just how different he is from all the other millionaires out there. They all use the same tax laws. Let’s go after the Kennedys and the Rockefellers too. That would be fair. Bless all our hearts.

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