BYH to people who bash teachers. You literally would not last one class period at my school. I get cussed at, chairs...

Oct. 10 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Bless your heart to the person who wrote the comment comment about the "Ruling Donor Class." Does this mean there is also a "Subordinate Freeloader Class?" Are these concepts being taught at the local schools or part of the masters program at ECU?

BYH to the local breweries that talk about investing in local water quality and sustainability, but then use metal cans and plastic cups every day with no recycling bins. Where do they think their cans and cups go? Put your profits where your pronouncements go, BYH.

BYH, Greenville, for planning on spending over $60,000 more on traffic cones to reduce car crashes at six intersections without admitting that they were extremely poorly designed to begin with. How about dealing with the state's worse drivers and ticketing some more people? Perhaps we like being No. 1 for something two years in a row and counting? Thanks, Mayor PJ, for helping us go for a third year!

Bless our hearts, the town of Grifton. We experienced a bigger hit from Hurricane Florence, yet in order to get emergency help with food we had to go to to Winterville, Greenville or Simpson. Why couldn’t we have a site in Grifton since we took a bigger hit than those three towns? Everyone does not have transportation. Grifton residents always get the short end of the stick.

BYH — interesting that it matters not whether you approve or disapprove, The DR finds the front page status of blessing of the animals of greater importance than our supreme court actions.

BYH to John Cleese who said "snowflakes” is a word sociopaths use “in an attempt to discredit the notion of empathy.”

BYH to the "George Soros pays protesters" conspiracy crowd. You are 100 percent correct. No one in the world would ever disagree with you unless one of those "international bankers" (wink wink) was paying them to do so.

BYH school athletics, we have football, baseball, basketball and track & field, but I have never seen one school offer cycling as an elective sport nor are there any school cycling clubs. The youth have been cheated!

At least one professor is reportedly teaching that the Lost Colony was driven off Roanoke Island by stormwater runoff and that they relocated to Brook Valley. Rumor has it that Virginia Dare was born where the clubhouse is today. It does add historical significance to the shortcut.

I have read all of the Brook Valley comments in BYH and I was intrigued. I gathered up my courage and took the shortcut on Sunday. It lived up to everything that I have read in this column. Who do we start on next?

I love reading the Bless Your Heart column. On any given day, I would estimate the sum of all IQ's of the writers for that day to possibly reach 50.

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