Bless the heart of the county commissioners, I think we all will come knocking on your doors when we receive our new...

Oct. 11 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bless your heart to the 29 counties served by Vidant Medical Center. Vidant is increasing the patient to nurse ratio. It’s about to get dangerous to be a patient there.

Is the ark real in the Brook Valley cut through or is this another figment of the imagination like the pedestrian bridge? Bless my eager heart.

So if you install a barrier to prevent people from turning left from Wimbledon onto Arlington, where do you expect people to make a u-turn in order to go to the various businesses and banks that are on the left towards Red Banks? And how do you plan to stop even more people from driving behind the strip of businesses between Wimbledon and Bradford through their employee parking lot?

Just a great general reminder to everyone, but especially my Pitt Community College co-workers, if you can't say anything nice or positive about another, then don't say anything at all.

BYH Greenville City Council — it is simple mathematics. Stormwater management fees bring in $6 million at current rates but need at least $15 million to operate. The difference being $9 million you need to find. Starting taxing parking lots at two-and-a-half times what they are now and you break even. Reduce the size requirements and increase the rates to balance your budget, reduce stormwater runoff, and protect our environment.

My family is coming in from Grifton for the Halloween celebrations. We are getting Momma out of the home and will take her and the kids over to Brook Valley for Trick or Treating. I hear they give out whole candy bars rather than the minis. Momma is getting a new bouffant so that she will not embarrass the family. Going to be a great outing.

With all this talk about the Brook Valley Shortcut I am surprised that Mayor Thomas has not extended the Global Transpark runway to connect with the shortcut. Sounds about like something they would do.

Lawyers have gotten so expensive lately that millionaires are now considered indigent in the eyes of the law.

Our country needs to start thinking about how to make the future better. We cannot change the past , but we can learn from it. No white person alive ever owned a slave. We wish we could go back in time to stop it, but we cannot. Violence and disrespect for our country and police cannot change it. All people need to put the horrible past behind us, and start treating people with the respect we would want. This is 2018 and it is time for society to stop with all the hatred.

BYH to Mark Twain, who was said, “It has been said that people who talk to themselves are geniuses. However, the people they are talking to are idiots.”

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