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Oct. 12 Bless Your Heart


Friday, October 12, 2018

Bless your heart to the volunteers who are working 12 hours a day to feed and care for the Grifton community — the N.C. Baptist Men and Women Disaster Relief Ministry, the Salvation Army and Grifton Mission Ministries. Thanks also to Villa Verde, Sparky’s Snowballs and Carryout by Chrislyn and others who have donated food.

BYH to Billy Tarlton, who adopted Grifton after Hurricane Floyd and has given his personal finances, resources, time and talents to the community for the past 19 years.

Bless your heart, Janet Storm, of The Daily Reflector. I always look forward to your heartwarming articles that appear in the Sunday newspaper whether they be about your pets, reminiscing about family or the kindness of a neighbor. Your articles always bring a smile and brighten my day.

No BYH to officials who call games in which they have a favorite team and call the game accordingly. If you favor a team, do not call their games! The game outcome should not be based on bad calls!

BYH, ECU. I just read in The DR that Oklahoma has promoted former ECU head coach Ruffin McNeil to defensive coordinator. Way to go OU. You are much better than ECU and Coach Ruff is a class act. Coach Ruff is ECU’s loss and your gain.

BYH, when an entire political party tells you they don't care about women, believe them. And then vote them out of office.

Jeers to Trump and his mob in Congress for using the talking points calling peaceful protesters and dissenters a “mob,” but they seem just fine with real mobs like their “fine people” Nazis in Charlottesville or their Tea Party mobs after the ACA was passed, making legislators need police escorts to get up the Capitol Hill steps.

CNN said they had a poll that has the Democrats up by 30 points with women. I wonder if it is the same pollsters from the 2016 presidential election? Those numbers were spot on!

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Republicans want to get mad about Soros-paid protesters when the Kochs do the same. Both parties are scams. That’s why Independents are the largest and fast growing voting block.

Thank you, Mayor Connelly, for being a great leader for our city. Do not let these few people that continue to write nasty comments about you in this anonymous publication discourage you. You are great for Greenville and we are proud that you are our mayor.

BYH to “BYH school athletics.” The middle school/high school youth in Pitt County do have recreation and competitive cycling opportunities through the North Carolina Interscholastic Cycling Association. Check out the Pitt County Composite Mountain Bike Team — they are actually having an information meeting regarding the spring season next week!

A “No BYH” to those neighbors setting of explosives. No one wants to hear that! 

BYH, I can't wait to vote. Voting day is in less than a month on Nov. 6. In fact, early voting starts in less than a week, on Oct. 17, in Pitt County. Get out there and vote; it will take you all of five minutes.

BYH to all the folks who will be spending a lot of money on Halloween costumes, etc. How about using that money instead to have a "hurricane party" and collect money or items to help the people that are going to be homeless and hurting. It would be a wonderful teaching moment for your children about what is really important. God will bless you!

I called the NCDOT and asked if they could put a "rest stop" on the Brook Valley Shortcut or an "overlook car park" so that cars could stop and view the scenery. After talking with the official a few moments, he threatened to call the sheriff. They have now blocked my calls.

This proud member of MENSA submits BYHs on a regular basis. I do have a habit, however, of dumbing them down for the transplants and Yankees.

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