BYH to the Marines, who have a saying: 'It's God's job to judge the terrorists. It's our job to arrange the meeting'....

Oct. 14 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, October 14, 2018

I was recently diagnosed with cancer and therefore had surgery at the Vidant Cancer Center. I would like to say that Dr. Zervos and his staff are the top of the line. I was treated with great care and professionalism. The surgeons answered all my questions from experience and told me exactly what to expect. I would like to thank everyone there for the great care they took of me and saving my life.

Bless your heart to the local TV news reporters who believe that Raleigh and Chapel Hill are in the western part of our state.

BYH, with the way Trump chooses his cabinet, Kanye will be appointed Secretary of Mental Health any day now.

BYH to the Looney Left, which is the reason that Trump won in 2016. It will also be the reason Trump will win in 2020.

According to a wedding planning website the Brook Valley Shortcut is gaining popularity as a honeymoon destination. The site does, however, recommend the wearing of life jackets at all times due to the threat of stormwater runoff.

Every time I go in to complain about my cellphone service they try to sell me satellite TV. Do you reckon if I buy the satellite TV they will listen to me about my cellphone service? Or will they then try to sell me a Medicare supplement or a map of the Brook Valley Shortcut?

BYH, honestly getting very tired and bored with the Brook Valley cut-through submissions. Don’t you get enough other submissions to print? Surely there are others! Give us a break!

According to my calculations, the recent hurricane stormwater runoff would have destroyed the footbridge over the Tar River and the footbridge by now would be miles out in the Atlantic. Do the math.

I know that the Greenville Police Department thinks that the traffic cameras are supposed to solve all problems, but could we drivers please (beg, beg) have more police presence in town to cope with the crazy speeders and texters?

Bless your heart, Rose High School. What happened to police helping with traffic at the end of the school day? You have an accident waiting to happen as students converge to turn both left and right on Arlington.

If you are worried about thieves breaking into your car then get a Prius. Not even the thieves are that desperate. My wife will not even ride with me during the daylight because of what people might think.

Thank you,Greenville for extending the pay period for parking downtown until 10 p.m. Hopefully now fewer cars will be left in the same spots for free all evening. Please enforce this and raise the fines for those who violate it repeatedly.

BYH to the Pitt County School Board — all these missed days for inclement weather? What weather? The first storm only brought rain and Thursday it was a shower or two.

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