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Oct. 17 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A big "thank you" for taking care of my son after he had an accident last week. An accident is already traumatic but for a young driver, it's even more scary. He told me how nice the policemen and firemen were to him while he waited for me. I truly appreciate you for all you do.

BYH to Sam Jones, local restauranteurs, Chef Emeril Lagasse and Chef Jose Andres for coming together to feed the population of Wilmington

BYH straw man, literally no one wants to eliminate roads. Making them wider doesn't help us with our congestion problems though!

I hate Internet comment sections, but Harry Callahan makes the Reflector’s good reading. He doesn’t wind himself up on national politics, he stays civil, laser-focused on our backyard, and is scary well-informed. Bless your heart, brother.

Bless your heart to our mayor who has the courage to call it like he sees it. Thank you Mr. Mayor for taking on these criminals that are trying to destroy our community.

BYH to the Greenville Police Chief who wrongfully dismissed the Gang Unit due to politics and now the city is seeing a rise in gang violence.

There have been two downtown deaths in six weeks, but the smart set, those throwing cash at hipster booze joints, complain that Mayor Connelly’s forthright condemnation of increased violence downtown “hurts” their businesses. Real life isn’t Sesame Street or Cheers with Monopoly money falling from the sky. Get a clue.

BYH, if you are American, then your heritage is either Native American, refugee, slave or immigrant. That's it.

Bless the heart of the complacent city manager for spending $30K on a study to find out the problem with GFR and still nothing has been done? Maybe the problem isn't at the top of GFR and instead it's the city manager?

Bless your heart to the individual who complained about the tiresome and boring Brook Valley cut-through submissions to Bless Your Heart. And the stormwater runoff! Enough already.

BYH to the ECU leadership for allowing the Football program to be in such a mess, it is embarrassing, and disrespecting to the university. Your lack of action has caused this town to suffer. This mess is your fault. Why are you not on the sidelines, since we do not have an AD?

Did we move up a conference too far? Has ECU talked its way into a better conference without being able to walk the walk? The top brass sure do seem to be rather nonchalant about the whole thing. Reminds me of my marriage.

I attended the last Freeboot Friday event and was very disappointed in the crowd and the lack of originality for the event. This was my first time in attendance this year and it was exactly like the one I attended last year.

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