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Oct. 19 Bless Your Heart


Friday, October 19, 2018

Have you noticed that seniors tend to step lively (if they are able) as cars are waiting for them to cross the street, while students exiting school buses move at a snail’s pace, often deeply engrossed in their hand-held devices as traffic backs up?

BYH — I am so tired of going to stores at University Commons and having someone come to me in the parking lot to ask for money. This is during the day. Are we going to be able to go and shop there as we get closer to the holidays? The time change? Is this even legal? It is someone different every time.

BYH to those obsessed with the status of garage doors in our little neighborhood. Maybe Mayor Connelly could assign them to patrol the Brook Valley shortcut. Just think of the advantages — good exercise, nice scenery along the golf course and maybe pick up some landscaping ideas.

That cracker jack Traffic Safety Task Force has really made the city safer for motorists. More paper shuffling and little action from our Swamp. Have the police set up a speed trap in front of Lowe’s on N.C. 33 or on Arlington near the mall or anywhere on Fire Tower? There are more speeders there than at Talladega. Wake up, task force, and do something!

Whoever is in change of the post office, you need to change the address system. Those who live in a town or city need to have correct addresses. If your home, property or business is in Greenville it should have a Greenville address! Likewise for all towns and cities!

A big no BYH to the rap/ hip hop music industry or genre. I wonder why the #MeToo movement hasn't held this industry accountable for its blatent disrespect of women and the constant use of the N word in most lyrics. Liberal hypocrisy I suppose?

The answer to excessive crime in Greenville is not more police — it’s keeping the bad guys behind bars. The police do a good job of arresting the crooks, but it seems the legal system is too lenient and, somehow, after a quick vacation at the expense of the taxpayer, they are back out preying on innocent hard-working folks. Remember that the next time you are at the ballot box; vote for those candidates who promote law and order.

So sorry to hear that Pirate coach Macy has resigned. I believe ECU has an NCAA compliance officer on staff. Maybe another resignation is in order.

BYH about not having a gang unit. Why do we not have a gang unit? Did all the gangs leave Greenville? I think not. I believe gang activity is up and this explains why. Can someone explain why there is not a gang unit?

I think it's the curse of the Pirate Rants. Ever since the East Carolinian stopped publishing them, ECU has hasn't made any decisions except for bad ones.

BYH, now that early voting has begun, do your country a favor and go vote.

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