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Oct. 20 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, October 20, 2018

No BYH to ECU Athletics Department. What is wrong with you? Another winning coach blindsided and let go? Macy deserves better than this, as did Coach Ruff. I see you're passing on fees to students because of the lack of funds for the Athletics (football, I suppose) Department. Hmmmm … seems attendance is down somewhat. Wonder why? 

Great big bless your heart to the administration at PCC. Stop eavesdropping on our conversations! If this is the only way you can manage your employees, how sad!

Bless your heart if you vote independently for the candidate instead of for the party. The party "group think" is not working for us.

One report says that Hillary may run again in 2020. I would rather read about the Brook Valley shortcut. At the end of the shortcut there is new life, new roads, a new direction. Not with Hillary. As Rambo said to the sheriff, "Let it go! Let it go!" So should Hillary, my brothers and sisters, so should Hillary "Let it go."

I think the correct term for gangs is neighborhood friendship clubs. Just a group of young people looking to do good in their backyard. So to speak liberally. Not literally.

No BYH, but a bless my heart for thinking a turn signal is supposed to be used when you make a turn!

No BYH to the fan interference call in the Boston-Houston baseball playoff game, robbing Houston of a home run. Good call or not, why do baseball stadiums configure their seating in such a way as to allow fans to interfere with a score? A simple space between the fence and seating and that problem would be solved!

BYH to Mayor Connelly. What happened in Greenville Saturday night and six weeks earlier is what Greenville is becoming. You’re only noticing it now because it's happening in your and your cronies’ beloved uptown/downtown area. When crimes like this happen in Kearney Park, you or your predecessors didn't care.

BYH, never regret doing good to the wrong person. Your behavior says everything about you and their behavior says enough about them.

BYH to the complainer in Farmville who did not like Lime Bikes and as a result of that, the town lost something that made us special and nationally known. The bikes added a sense of fun and promoted health in our town and now have been pulled.

BYH to local talk radio station having political debates. Having them three days after voting started — great planning. You guys are clueless sometimes.

I religiously read the bless your heart column and enjoy the entertainment. I do want to mention one perspective. I met the mayor for the first time and was very surprised on his kindness.

BYH, life is like a game of chess. I don't know how to play chess.

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